Volkswagen Golf II Rallye G60: We enjoyed an exclusive Golf there are only twelve units

In the late eighties he was born one of the Volkswagen Golf more special than have existed for more than forty years of history of the model, and also one of the most unknown to ordinary mortals. We talked about the Volkswagen Golf II Rallye launched in 1989, the forerunner of the family R of Volkswagen and that only 5,000 units were produced.

During those years in which Lancia dominated the World Rally Championship with Delta HF Integrale, Volkswagen wanted to venture into the contest with his model Golf and regulations of Group A, which required 2,500 units street for approval, made to appear this spectacular Golf Rallye that just proved, although this particular unit is even more exclusive. Did you guess why?

The vast majority of Golf Rallye were handmade in Belgium His price then was about twice that of a GTI of the period and set up a version of the four -cylinder 1.8 – liter, 8 – valve Golf GTI, led to 160 CV thanks to a G60 compressor, with four – wheel drive Syncro. However, there were a handful of them – namely twelve- who received a special goody: A butt of 16 valves (GTI 16v) carrying power block up to 210 hp and maximum torque to the environment of 250 Nm.

volkswagen-golf-ii-rallye-g60-we-enjoyed-an-exclusive-golf-there-are-only-twelve-unitsThis same block four – cylinder 1.8 – liter (1,763 cc), G60 supercharged 16 – valve, also it came to called Golf G60 Limited, limited to 71 units, although the model did not have the aggressive body kit Golf Rallye. It is said that the vast majority of these models remained in the garages of the directors of the German company. In any case, very few people know that came to be a Rallye 210 hp … and we have been able to try!

These twelve Golf Rallye 210 hp were assembled at the headquarters of Volkswagen Motorsport in Hannover, Germany, as they were initially manufactured for private teams and the idea was to enter the world of competition, although finally seems these exclusive vehicles never arrived to be used for this purpose.

Striking out, I discreetly inside

It only takes a glance to realize that this is not a Golf Rallye Golf anyone. Rally, meat poster in the early nineties, was a Golf take up arms, if it is true that the competition was somewhat above regarding power levels (see an Integrale 16v 1989 Delta, reaching 200 hp) . There is more to see widenings or square headlights to realize that this is a very special Golf II box.

To begin with, the height of the body is about 20 millimeters lower than a GTI, although at first glance seems to be even lower. Undoubtedly one of the most striking aspects of the model are the square headlights- the Mk2 by double redondo- lighthouse is distinguished precisely discrete tires, distinctive G60 on the fins and the body kit with flared wheel arches , special bumpers and striking side skirts.

Inside the changes are rather few: basically uses all strictly necessary in a model sports court, i.e. great seats signed by Recaro with generous side in both ears backups and sidewalks. The upholstery is fabric and leather, with the contours of the latter material. In practice, and as his appearance invites us to think from the outset, these seats collect the body quite well for a lively ride.

A level instrumentation there is nothing special, beyond a speedometer that marks260 km / h. The dashboard is typical of Golf II, with witnesses mythical with colored bulbs between the two clocks. The steering wheel, also leather, is pleasant to the touch and so is the shifter, five – speed, and somewhat coated Dibbler same material.

A veteran very, very special

Made in 1990, this unit Golf Rallye 210 hp is about 31,400 kilometers on the odometer and is dark green metallic. It belongs to one of the collections of Volkswagen Classic, which is fortunately available for testing as this.

Overall the car turns heads wherever he goes , and it is no wonder , but soon notes, mainly by the faces of illusion of the most quemadetes, and also by some thumbs – up, who really recognize the model -although nobody knows there surprise under the capo and who simply look at him with incredulous and curious eyes by their unfamiliar ways.

After the initial respect of having in hand a car museum, one twelve-, I see immediately enjoying as a dwarf for almost deserted roads, between green and beautiful hills of central Germany. Of course, first thing in the morning the asphalt is wet, as is almost normal around here and at this time of year, so it’s best to take it slow and not seek too much tickling veteran.

After a few minutes and several kilometers behind the wheel, that respect for the car is still there, but they are also grinning from ear to ear caused by the serious tone of the escape, the vibration motor four cylinders which comes to you through the steering wheel, the pedals and the gear changes, how nice it is to drive.

The suspension, significantly harder and dry than a conventional variant of Golf Mk2 because thicker stabilizer bars and springs and dampers stiffer, transmits the carrier nearly any imperfections asphalt, although its favor should be noted that although this is not dislodged with the bumps and keeps well the path marked by the driver. Fluffy seat also helps that the trip is not especially uncomfortable, at least for days not too largas-.

The steering is rather heavy especially compared with currently vehicle, both when maneuvering at low speed as once already on the road, although it is quite pleasant when sections of curved face, although you have to give more spin than initial estimates. Furthermore, it is evident that the degree of noise or approaches the Golf of today. Hear everything (wind, rolling, engine …) clearly.

As might be expected of an engine with 27 years behind him, in the lower area of the tachometer needle takes time to climb positions but, thanks to a light weight -1,220 kg in dry-, the car offers a good push almost from below and a fairly satisfactory elasticity for daily use, although it is from 3,000 turns when things get serious.

At 4,000 RPM reaches the big push, that kick almost level with turbo models, which remains almost to 6,000 RPM. This 1.8 – liter 16v has a lot of grip and is able to lead the Rallye to 235 km / h according to data sheet, more than respectable speed for a small compact of the time. Also impresses in the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h (7.4 seconds approx) is on the order of a faster than his brother, 8 – valve 160 hp second.

The gearbox five – speed manual, an improved version of the GTI is very pleasant to use but it is also true that not noted for its precision because few rounds with some slack. Stretch third gear, fourth, and when you realize you’re getting close to the red zone -in 6,000 RPM – or you either broken all speed limits of the road or going too fast for the curve in front of you, or both options. It amazes the engine sound, serious and powerful, without the presence of the classic hum of the compressor.

Unlike the Golf II “normal” this Rallye G60 has some very serious brakes (discs on both axles, of course), with a significant initial bite and good power to stop the car as soon as possible. Moreover, it is more stable in braking which in principle expect, even if you are forced to brake hard with the car resting lightly. You can get to move back a tad, but behaves quite well in general. It is not as stable as new, but not do anything wrong.

After some other lively stretch you realize that the defense goes well tied to theasphalt and if forces a little at the entrance to the curves, the car seems to have a tendency to keep his career, although it will take a very high rate for appear that understeer. In any case, the total traction Syncro (viscous differential) provides a good deal of poise and stability as well as an enviable traction out of the turns.

In short, this “compact hot” turns out to be one of the most special and exclusive Volkswagen model history of Golf, is that with only twelve units of 210 hp, is almost unknown to the general public. After an hour walking through twisty German roads comes time to return to headquarters and leave this Rallye to good shelter. Definitely a unique experience, of which are recorded to fire forever in your memory.

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