Seven things that you should not put in your suitcase- Best travel tips

Seven things that you should not put in your suitcase- Best travel tips. Before embarking on a trip, you have to document yourself, either to find the essential places to visit, to learn about the customs of the country or to discover what you have or do not have to carry. And that’s what we’re going with today’s travel curiosity article, because illogical as it may seem there are seven things you should not put in your suitcase if you travel to the following countries.

Some of the prohibitions/recommendations are at least peculiar, and it would never go through our heads not to wear clothes of a certain color in the suitcase because it is not well seen or the fact that something like chewing gum can cost us a fine. Better with the lesson learned and not have to carry something useless and problematic.

In Thailand nothing to throw a pitillitotravel tips

In 2008, the authorities in Thailand put the toughest in the fight against smoking. And cannot smoke in bars, restaurants or outdoor markets.  Phuket, more than a third of the garbage that was collected was cigarette butts. So that anti-fume crusade makes a lot of sense. It is one of the best travel tips.

No camouflage clothing in Barbados

travel tips

The fashions make who more and who less have some garment with camouflage prints, military drawings, khaki or similar. Well, you better not put it in your suitcase if you’re going to spend a few quiet days in Barbados. The general public is not authorized to wear such garments since they are reserved only for the military. If you get distracted, you put the Inditex jacket of two seasons ago in the suitcase, so you know that they can confiscate it and you will have to pay a fine. It is one of the best travel tips. Continue reading-Travel tips: 10 keys to get the most out of your trunk

Yellow is not welcome in Malaysiatravel tips

In Malaysia, yellow is not welcome at all. Not because they say it brings bad luck, in that they are not superstitious, but it is considered an offense since 2011. That is the color chosen by the opposition, the pro-democracy group Bersih and dress it in all its manifestations. The orders that there are of the government are to identify everyone who goes with a yellow garment on the street, so better leave them at home and take something green that favors a lot. That you know that the ‘Despacito’ is also forbidden. The same thing we’re happy about. It is one of the best travel tips.

In Singapore, there is no chewing gumtravel tips

In that case, it is not that they do not like to eat chewing gum in Singapore. No, it is forbidden the sale, import, and manufacture of chewing gum. And we go back to 1987 to find the origin of such a thing. It was in that year that they inaugurated the Mass Rapid Train (MRT). And in which they spent a lot of millions. But it is that people were so guarrindonga that stuck the gum used in the automatic doors. And began to have problems of operation. They decided to nip in the bud: you do not know how to keep the gum in your mouth, there is not any in the whole country. It is one of the best travel tips.

If you go to Capri leave the wooden wedges at hometravel tips

Let’s go now to the idyllic Capri to rest, to eat well and to enjoy the sea. And its cobbled streets, but if you have put some wooden clogs. Or wedges in your suitcase you can only go down to play them. Or put them in beach establishments, in the rest do not. They make noise. As a noise, they make radios that are forbidden in all outdoor places. It is one of the best travel tips.

Always well covered in Malt

Malta is a place where you will learn English, make wild parties and the beach. If you go to the latter to keep everything tight because of nudity. And topless are punished with a heavy fine or may even end the matter in a court proceeding. It is one of the best travel tips.

Cover your tattoos well in Sri Lanka if they are religious symbolstravel tips

Traveling to somewhat exotic places always requires some preparation. Not only at the level of what you will see but what you can not or should not teach. At a time when we have gone hand in hand with the cult of tattoos, in Sri Lanka you have to be careful with the ones you teach: nothing to show them if they carry religious images or symbols. And of course also very attentive to what you take photos because you can not pose or photograph statues or Buddhist symbols. It is one of the best travel tips.

Bonus track

It is not far enough to make us look like exotic curiosities. But if you go to Scotland, you should know that you can not put one of those multipurpose navajitas in the country so useful if you go camping or hiking. That already you would have to do it if invoices, that in the suitcase of the cabin would not enter never. In your case, if you see it as essential for your adventure trip to the Highlands, it’s going to make you buy one there. It is one of the best travel tips.

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