Saving Money on Energy is important

Feeling the pinch? You could save hundreds of pounds on your gas and electricity by making your home more energy efficient. Here’s how:

  1. Switch Supplier

It’s a lot easier than it used to be, so if you’ve been off in recent years because you think it’s hard work, you might be pleasantly surprised. Many homes can save money by switching energy supplier, especially if they haven’t done so within the last 3 years. Many households have found they save hundreds of pounds by making that change.

If you’ve already switched recently, contact your supplier and make sure you’re on the cheapest tariff for your needs. Whilst dual-fuel arrangements do often have better deals, if you don’t mind have separate suppliers for your gas and electricity, you could find there are even more savings to be made.

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  1. Choose energy-efficient appliances

You can save money on energy bills by replacing old appliances with newer more energy-efficient ones when the time comes. Some washing machine running costs can vary by as much as £80 each year. The same savings can be made by purchasing energy-efficient tumble dryers, fridge freezers and televisions.  This also applies to ensuring that your boiler system is working effectively and if it isn’t maybe contact a Boiler Installation Gloucestershire company found on links including

Keep out draughts

What’s the point in heating your home if that heat simply escapes through gaps. Think about replacing old windows with energy-saving new double or triple glazing.

Adding draught strips around doors and draught excluders at the bottom of doors, you could save as much as £50 a year. Draught proof your loft hatch, letterbox and even a chimney or fireplace if they’re not in use.

  1. Turn down the thermostat

Did you know that by turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree can save up to £90 a year? Nobody will think you’re being tight if you choose to put on a sweater instead of turning up the heating, it makes good economic sense and you shouldn’t feel too much difference. If you already do this, then think about turning down radiators in less used parts of the house. You can turn off radiators completely and close the door on any spare rooms that don’t get used. Why waste the energy?

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  1. Insulate

You could save up to £300 by better insulating your walls and loft. Less heat is lost through your roof with loft insulation and less through your walls with cavity wall insulation. For those who already have insulation, more savings can be made by topping it up to the recommended thickness of 270mm if you currently only have 120mm.

  1. Free cash?

Why not find out if you’re eligible for any lovely free stuff. Schemes available include discounts for solar panels, money off electricity bills and new boiler grants. Eligibility criteria may apply but it makes sense to see what, if anything, you might be entitled to.

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