Kidnapping of the website, a real danger for SMEs

When we talk about security problems in companies generally we think the entry of a virus, malfunction of systems or data loss. Rarely also we think the public face of our company, whether your website or online store. And the truth is that the kidnapping of the website is a real danger for many SMEs.

In the blog of INCIBE have the actual kidnapping case of an online store where when trying to access the store saw a message pretending that all files were encrypted and claimed a certain amount to unlock the store.

kidnapping-of-the-website-a-real-danger-for-smesThe main problem in this case came from the failure to update the CMS, the content manager of the online store, which continues to be a program, a software, which like operating systems of computers or programs that have installed require maintenance and frequent updates.

Thus the attacker used a known bug and posted online store to access and change passwords, taking control of the website. To regain control demanded a ransom. To reset the store had to reinstall the latest version of CMS and use the latest backup available. Also data of recent days were lost. Make sure to have a good backup is key to business continuity.

The problem is not only the damage it causes to stop being the store available for a period of time, but also the image that leaves our business. In a sector such as the Internet, where trust in the online store is an important part in making purchasing decision of the consumer, the damage that can suffer from these issues is immense. Store reputation is compromised.

On the other hand does not matter whether a CMS or that we have captured passwords for access to online accommodation where we manage the store that have created us as. If we are not careful about security, both locally and globally, we can have a serious problem. Use secure passwords, which are individual for each service, is key in isolating potential problems and not have a system of communicating vessels between the different tools we use in our business.

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