Is there still gated content on your website?

Gated content has been around as long as the internet, but has it had its day? The digital revolution continues to gather pace, and tricks and techniques that were cutting edge just a few years ago are now starting to look decidedly ‘old hat’. Could it be that gated content has now passed its peak, and should we all be consigning it to the digital dustbin?

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What is gated content?

You may not be familiar with the term ‘gated content’, but you’ll almost certainly have encountered it many, many times as you surf the internet. As the name suggests, gated content is kept hidden from most visitors to a website, and you need to perform a specific action in order to access it. This action is almost always a compulsory form-filling exercise, in which you divulge your name and email address at the very minimum, in order to access the content.

So now you can access the content, or webinar, or ebook, and the company which owns the site has your personal details. You now rank as an excellent lead for that company, and can expect to receive targeted emails, and even phone calls or mailshots, urging you to buy that company’s products.

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So what’s the problem?

According to Marketer Gizmo, gated content can seriously irritate your potential customers, many of whom have no wish to part with their personal information in order to access your content. You need to determine whether or not alienating potential customers is worth the number of high-quality leads that your gated content campaign is likely to generate.

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You should bear in mind that gated content is invisible to search engines, so you risk harming your SEO campaign if you choose to put select items of interest behind gates. It’s possible to employ ‘cloaking’ techniques that allow search engine bots to read your content whilst keeping it hidden from site visitors, but expect heavy penalties if discovered.

Gated content has its place, but think carefully before using it on your site.

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