Do it yourself: A corner work well organized, step by step

We have returned from vacation and we have set to work to stop, many have started in the last month, new projects and courses and we have a lot of ideas in mind … We need order to reach all and start organizing our corner work is always a good choice.

If you want to have a good work area at home and have a gap untapped, you will find this original and cozy study corner with shelves for storage is between Bosch DIY proposals. It is a practical solution to keep order in small spaces, and can be carried out very easily and with few tools.

do-it-yourself-a-corner-work-well-organized-step-by-stepTo do this we just need some materials and the right tools. You have to start by measuring the space we have to mark where we will place the wooden slats that will serve as shelves. We can do this, for example with the Bosch PLR 50 laser meter.

The following will drill the holes where will the shelves and it can use the Maxx Uneo multifunction tool that is easy to handle.

Then you have to place the wooden supports that will serve as a basis for shelves and finally, simply place the shelves in question.

The set comes complete with a table that meets the established dimensions and decorating the space with details and decorative accessories of our choice that best fit our taste and our style very easily have a corner full work and very well conditioned.

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