A Guide to Buying Leads

When it comes to buying leads for your dog, where do you start? There are so many types available. You want to look good but be functional as well. A lot will depend on what kind of dog you have and how it behaves when it’s out on the lead. Here are some of the types available and the type of walkies their best suited to:

Standard Dog Leads

It is a familiar sight, with a handle at one end and a clip on the other side. They clip directly onto your dog’s neck collar and are usually between 4 and 8 feet long. They are ideal for training basics of the lead with a puppy and everyday walks when your dog learns not to pull. They are usually made of leather or nylon but are not good for dogs who pull. Nylon leads are very popular because they are cheaper, stronger for large dogs, small dogs and light for puppies, coming in a large variety of colours. For a range of Designer Dog Collars for attaching a lead to, visit a site like https://iwoof.com

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Retractable Dog Leads

Again, these leads are very popular and allow you to adjust the length of the lead, giving your dog more room to roam. You can let your dog out to 30 feet. They work much like a tape measure in that when your dog comes back to you, the lead retreats back into the handle. There is also a lockable feature to adjust the distance. However, they should only be used for dogs that have been trained on the lead. Dogs that are overly interested in wandering or not trained should not be wearing retractable leads for the following reasons:

They can encourage your dog to pull. The problem being that as the lead allows him to go wherever he wants, it can be seen as a reward for that behaviour. When he comes back, and you lock the lead, he will try to pull but now he is not allowed so becomes confused.

If your dog is prone to suddenly chase squirrels, for example, once he reaches the end of the lead it will pull sharply, and the sudden jolt could cause serious injury to you and your dog. Even the owner can have the lead forced out of their hands or receive a painful pull in the arm and shoulder. There is also the risk of entanglement, suffocation, burns and wounds. These are not bad leads but must be used with care.

Adjustable Training Leads

A customisable lead is a good choice, offering a sensible solution for pulling pooches. While not offering a cure, they at least offer a great training aid. It is similar to a standard lead but has a clip at each end with a variety of loops running along its length. You can attach one to the chest and one to the back of the training harness which gives you more control when you pull the dog. They also can also be adjusted when not using a harness.

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Recall Leads

It is ideal to train your dog to stay, sit down and to recognise orders from a distance without letting him off the lead. They allow for more freedom while giving you the peace of mind that your dog will not disappear or run off after any squirrels!

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