Xiaomi MiBand a smart watch to measure your daily activity

Who wants or needs quantifying and smart bracelet, and no excuse to enjoy it. We present the Xiaomi MiBand, a wearable reaching the market to break with its excellent price and technical characteristics.

As usual in this style smart bracelet, the Xiaomi MiBand fashion smart watches can be found on Gearbest.com and offers a complete monitoring sports practice to know instantly the distance we have traveled and other interesting parameters of our activity on the smartphone. This is done, thanks to its built-in accelerometer, so the data will be helpful and of course accuracy.

In addition, this will also allow us to monitor our dream to see first hand how we slept, if we really rested and wake up when “we”, i.e. without interrupting the slow phase of sleep. To this it was added a vibrating alarm that will wake us gently and so feel better.

The Xiaomi MiBand connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 low energy, helping to obtain a single charge with a range of 30 days, one of the largest find in the current market usually the smart bracelets autonomy remains in a couple of weeks or less. In addition, the bracelet will help us to unlock the phone by proximity, that is, that if we hold with our bracelet, you will not need to unlock it manually.

As you see, the Xiaomi MiBand is one of the best wearables, you can find Xiaomi smart watch on Gearbest with free shipping.

Xiaomi MiBand at a glance…

  • Sport data recording, sleep quality monitoring, smart alarm clock wake up, call reminder (Need set in app)
  • The Miband can unlock your Mi phone without a password (Use for MI phone only)
  • Water resistant and dust resistant: IP67
  • Standby about 30 days
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Running Android, 4.4 and iOS 7.0 (or above) phones.

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