Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum: Cheap vacuum cleaner robot that cleans your house and control via smartphone

Xiaomi’s interest for the appliances segment is clear, and now comes to market their new product: a vacuum cleaner robot that reminds us the Roomba known but about offering their own distinctive characteristics.

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum stands for example for its high level of interaction with mobile. Thanks to a specific application can monitor their activity in real time, set cleaning programs or switch modes easily cleaning.

xiaomi-mi-robot-vacuum-cheap-vacuum-cleaner-robot-that-cleans-your-house-and-control-via-smartphoneThe design of both the robot vacuum cleaner as its base continues to demonstrate the attention to detail that is still inheriting show Xiaomi lines competing products. They also try to highlight technology inside, and the vacuum cleaner can provide an air pressure of 1,800 Pa to achieve a suction power as high as possible without implying a great noise thanks to engine technology NIDEC.

The robot has 12 sensors, including a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) is a “little brother” of laser systems self – guided cars. These sensors allow adjustment planing speed, from the typical 130 turns per second to 330 turns per second when necessary. 5,200-mAh battery can provide the My Robot Vacuum 2.5 hours of battery life

To control the whole process vacuum cleaner has three dedicated procedures: A Allwinner R16 quad-core ARM Cortex a coprocessor STMicroelectronics and another image processor from Texas Instruments for the LDS sensor. These processors allow to calculate the best routes for cleaning. The price of Mi Robot Vacuum is 1,699 yuan, which change account for less than 230 dollars at current exchange rates. So far Xiaomi will sell only in China, so we have to wait to see if the company decides to market outside China’s borders.

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