Will Electric Trucks Soon Be Hitting the UK’s Roads?

Once fleets of electric cars started getting introduced to the roads, it was the general consensus that electric trucks would soon follow. However, despite the first electric cars being produced over 10 years ago, it is only recently that we see franchises making gradual moves towards exchanging their larger vehicles for electric trucks.

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Why Use Electric Vehicles?

There are several benefits to using electric vehicles, from the reduction in harmful emissions to cheaper running costs when it comes to ‘refuelling’. Since they were introduced to the UK, the use of electric cars has grown exponentially, and figures suggest that by the end of 2018 there will be 200,000 electric cars registered in the UK.

Similarly, whilst the cost of insurance has risen greatly for trucks and lorries, owing to recent developments such as Brexit combined with general inflation, it has been suggested the use of electric vehicles could see premiums cut, which would mean a lot of savings for companies and individuals. This is partly due to the trucks being mechanically simpler (and therefore easier to fix) and partly due to the safety mechanisms installed into the vehicles, which could potentially make them safer on the whole to drive.

In the meantime, there are several providers of HGV insurance who understand what truck drivers need in their insurance and appreciate that raised insurance prices are not one of them! Visiting reliable and secure sites such as https://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/hgv-insurance will enable you to find a reasonable insurance quote with everything that you need included, even if you’re not yet driving an electric vehicle.

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Introduction of Electric Trucks

Baked goods manufacturer Hovis, logistics firm Wincanton and delivery company DPD have already trialled the use of electric trucks in the UK, showing off the FUSO eCanter on our streets. Whilst there are limitations to these, such as the distance they can travel and reduced load weight they can carry, it would seem that for short journeys they seem to be the perfect solution to the world’s increasing fuel concerns.

These are being trialled in the hopes of one day developing a UK-wide sustainable road transport and method of distribution. It is roughly estimated that by 2020 other companies will have the option to follow suit and use electric vehicles for their own businesses.

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