Will this car ever revolutionise F1?

There has been no shortage of chatter about the electric racing series of cars that will make their debut during the Season V races later this year. They have been called revolutionary and referred to as the future of racing. They have even been hailed as the next big development in Formula 1, but is this all ungrounded hype or reasonable excitement about a big change on the horizon?

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What can the electric racing series do?

The capabilities of the electric racing series are admittedly impressive, with a car able to complete a whole Formula E race on a single charge with no need to stop at any stage. Furthermore, any pit stops that are necessary will be brief in nature due to the rapid charging ability of this new car. It has been speculated that some track layouts may have to be revised with this new technology in mind, as cars are likely to be too quick to handle the layouts as they stand. It is not just the futuristic design that has led CNN to brand the car a ‘next-generation Batmobile’.

Electric racing and F1

With these exciting new developments, Formula E looks set to threaten the pre-eminence of Formula 1. Britain F1 Paddock Club members need not overly worry, however, as F1 remains in the top position for now, with the FIA unlikely to give way to Formula E until it has proved its worth.

As the technology that underpins Formula E develops, however, it may move more and more into the spotlight. By 2020 the design of electric cars should be finalised, and Formula E will have a chance to redefine the rules that govern the sport. As it grows and gains attention, this new series is likely to garner a great deal of media interest and quite possibly sponsorship.

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Naturally this will be balanced against the marketing of new developments in Formula 1 racing. Anyone wishing to be close to the action and keep an eye on things as they develop might wish to look into Paddock Club membership through an organisation such as https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/britain/.

Formula E is still in its most nascent stages. There is little to do right now except wait and see how this series develops. Regardless of whether it revolutionises Formula 1, the results will certainly be worth watching.

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