Why you should do a garage clear out

One of the wonderful results of clearing our your garage is what you might find while you are doing it, and all the space you can free up. Your garage can be a valuable asset, but not so much when it is full of junk. Once tidied, there could be all kinds of possibilities for your garage.

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Practical Tips

Examine the stuff in your garage and divide it up into categories – throw away, keep and either sell or donate to charity. The kind of stuff you will want to throw away include expired chemicals, broken toys and other items damaged beyond repair. If you are feeling sentimental about conducting a garage purge, take photos of the items in question. Sort the stuff you want to keep and store in labelled boxes or clear bins that can be stacked or placed on racks. You might be able to make some money from the things in good shape that can be sold. See this guide from The Guardian.

Explore the Potential

Decluttering experts estimate that only about 30 per cent of car owners actually store their valuable vehicle in their garages. Once the garage is cleared, you should be able to slot it in there. This is also an opportunity to move potentially dangerous substances such as propane to a safe area where they cannot be ignited with a spark. It is possible that once the garage is cleared and you don’t have a car, there is space to see opportunities for using it in other ways, such as a play area children, or a place for crafts.

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Clearing out the garage is a great time to organise the space and look at storage solutions that can help you make the most of wall areas and clear floor space. If you want to find out more about the difference garage racking systems could make to your organising your life, it would be a great idea to contact specialists in garage shelving equipment who can supply lots of advice and options for garage racking systems.

It is tempting to just throw things in the garage and shut the door. However if you take the time to sort the clutter, you could be putting an asset to good use and even end up with extra cash.

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