Who are Rieker?

If you’re in the market for a good quality, comfortable pair of shoes then look no further than Rieker. If you’ve not heard of this footwear company before, they were founded in Southern Germany in the Black Forest area in 1874. Initially, they produced the finest quality footwear for the wealthy citizens of Northern Italy. So, how have they found their way into UK shoe shops?

Rieker’s reputation soon grew and their quality was recognised across Central Europe. The footwear firm is still family-run and has been for five generations. They have experienced excellent and continued growth for the last three decades. At the start of the seventies, a new headquarters was built in Switzerland and production became truly global with units in Vietnam, Eastern Europe and North Africa. Currently, the company employ 20,000 staff in these production units, three design sites and sixteen sales units. The footwear makes it way around Europe to some 9,000 different independent shoe retailers. For Mens Rieker Shoes near you, visit https://www.cottersshoes.co.uk/product-category/brand/rieker/rieker-mens-2018/

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What makes these shoes special?

Rieker shoes have an antistress feature in the design that makes them unique. They are flexible, lightweight, durable and fashionable. Designed to last for a long time, they combine special antistress and antishock elements that mean comfortable shoes with the latest technology in footwear design. The brand is recognised for ultimate comfort, support and a real luxurious feel.

The antistress technology helps to:

  • Provide freedom for your feet by being lightweight
  • Provide excellent antishock absorbency for wear on many different surface types
  • Feature a reflexive design
  • Allow feet to breathe and expand during the day

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The material used to manufacture the shoes combine lightweight elements with elasticity, offering both style and optimum comfort for a busy day on your feet. The shoes help to prevent pressure points which can cause so much discomfort and help you to walk more comfortably by providing the antishock design feature.

Foot pain and associated problems can make life miserable. We all experience this kind of pain at some point, especially as we get older. Feet put up with so much and are one of the most complicated parts of the human body. Therefore, it’s essential to keep them cared for, well-protected and to avoid foot problems as much as we can.

The biggest cause of foot complaints in the UK is from poor footwear choices. Surprisingly, almost half of UK adults are wearing shoes that are too small for us and a quarter are wearing a size too big. Both of these issues can cause discomfort and foot problems. Many problems can be prevented by having your feet properly measured and by choosing the best supportive footwear that’s available.

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