What to see in Punta Umbria?

Beaches with fine golden sands and a natural enclaves dream represented in the marshes of the Odiel or the Laguna de El Portil become some of the key places you can visit in Punta Umbria, Municipality of the Andalusian province of Huelva you can become your ideal destination this summer, do you want to know a little better and know where to stay?

Surrounded by the crystal clear river Odiel and the vast Atlantic Ocean, Punta Umbria stands as a charming fishing village where you will find the calm you were looking to get away from the routine and the hustle and bustle of your hometown. With an area of about 38 km square and a total of about 15,000 inhabitants, the climate of Punta Umbria becomes one of the most attractive tourist areas, standing at pleasant temperatures that revolve around 18º C, not to mention of its 300 hours a year of sunshine.

Another of the reasons for Punta Umbria is presented as the perfect destination for this summer is very diverse recreational activities you can undertake throughout its more than 13 km of beaches, river and natural sites, all for no talk about the wide range of leisure and sports facilities scattered throughout its territory.

In addition to the natural wealth dominant in this area, we must not overlook the historical imprint that lurks behind every corner. Without going any further, the estuary of the Tinto and the Odiel, around which the town stands, has become since ancient times in the passing of many different cultures, that speak of ancient Roman settlements, traces of the Habsburg Empire, remnants of the Andalusian past in Spain or the British brand in the province of Huelva once bought mine Riotinto in 1873.

Places to see in Punta Umbria

Punta Umbria stands as a landmark on the Costa de la Luz, which can become an ideal destination for travel this summer. Among the points that you must not miss, are the following sites:

His sandy beaches and reflecting the golden rays of the sun on its surface are undoubtedly one of its most prominent attractions. With restaurants, bars and bars dotted along its extensive coastal territory, considered in the early 50s as “the best beaches in southern Spain” and highlights of the Peninsula, Punta Umbria environments presents unparalleled beauty La Bota to take pleasant walks, El Portil, Los Enebrales with small slope half or Matanegra beach where you can practice angling from the shore.

‘In this sense, the fishing is one of the most frequented activities, since among other things, Punta Umbria has one of the largest fishing fleets across the province.

The food is one of the most enhanced aspects from the Tourist Office through the implementation of events such as the National Exhibition of La Coquina developed in April, or the National Fair of Seafood and white prawn Costa de Huelva in July. Nor do you have to miss the Sardine in the fish market, scheduled for July 16 prior to Sunday.

Tapas is one of the most typical of this fishing village gastronomic activities, through, for example, of the famous Route of fried fish. Anchovies, clams and mussels in garlic are some of the most typical fried fish, though not insignificant either monkfish stews, pasta with mackerel, prawns, cuttlefish and fried crawfish.

‘As for the monuments that you must not miss, include the Museum of the English, whose walls seem we moved in seconds to the arrival of the first tourists from England.

We must not overlook a symbolic work of Punta Umbria where it represents a fisherman holding his anchor the roots of the people, while another gathers the networks, all under the gaze of a woman waiting clutching the Virgen del Carmen. We refer to the monument Punta Umbria his sailors , created by the artist José Martín Lagares. On the other hand, waving to the estuary of the town in the Plaza de la Canaleta, we find the work of Fernando Bono “Meeting place with seafaring words.”

As Expressed in previous lines, you can not lose some of their natural enclaves highlights as the Enebrales Natural Park, Laguna de El Portil or Odiel Marshes, declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

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