What remains still see the 2016 Formula 1 season?

With four races to the end of the 2016 season of Formula 1, although it may seem, all is not decided. Still is a lot of fish to sell and many details to take shape for this year and for the start of next year. Stay tuned and do not miss anything!

Two candidates for the same title, two rivals in the same box. Same car, same equipment and same goal. Succeed Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have it to give everything in the remainder of the season if they want to achieve glory, but they are not the only ones.

33 points separate the two Mercedes drivers. With the World Championship teams already in their hands for the third straight season, of Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda still it has much work to do to allow their drivers to fight on equal terms. Lewis Hamilton already has three titles to his credit, but for Nico Rosberg, would be different, would be the first.

Three years of relentless domination of Mercedes, which has been taking him closer has been this. The German ended 2015 at the top , but it was too late. 2016 started it just like winning. And thoroughly. He climbed to the highest in Australia, Bahrain, China and Russia. The start of the European route will be crossed more than they had expected, now that Hamilton took the opportunity to attack and get ahead in the world.

what-remains-still-see-the-2016-formula-1-seasonBut mechanical failures suffered at the beginning of the year had left him at a disadvantage to your teammate. Needed ‘open’ new power units to finish the season and Belgium chose to do so. Since then, although the race was not as bad as had been expected, Rosberg regained confidence and returned to subscribe to the first position while the British again suffer.

Hundred points are distributed. Four races remaining. United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi exercise of judges. With thirty-three points separating the stone is on the roof of Rosberg. A Hamilton alone will have to wait and see if -like happened to him in mechanical Malaysia- gambles German or, well, a simple miracle.

Red Bull vs. Ferrari, an open struggle

Although sometimes we forget, there are more teams that Mercedes on the grid.Red Bull and Ferrari are in a struggle for second place. At the moment, the energy drinks are ahead with 593 points against the 385 Maranello team.

Ferrari still without lifting his head in that seemed to be his temporarada. In the year that he would reach the Mercedes and face them . But no. Maurizio Arrivabene is in a very difficult position, the two victories that have missed the Mercedes both have been to Red Bull – for Verstappen in Spain and Ricciardo in Malaysia.

This is also reflected in the Drivers Championship standings. Although either of mathematics fight for the title, Ricciardo is third with 212 points. It is the first, the rest of the world. Behind him, Kimi Raikkonen. With 170 points the Finn is beating his teammate Sebastian Vettel is matched to 165 sixth points with Max Verstappen (which has a victory and by extension is ahead) and who cannot forget, he began the season in a Toro Rosso.

In lagging positions there are also small open struggles. Force India with Williams, McLaren with Toro Rosso, Sauber and Manor … Many points for handing much money, yes money at stake.

McLaren Honda, and just that, Honda

2016 is about to end. Mclaren Honda has already had two seasons truce they asked for a winning car to give titles to an association that already brushed past glory. But realistically, this every day silvers more complicated.

The race in Japan was a complete failure. When it seemed that Honda had given an update that worked really and McLaren had managed to finally introduce efficiency improvements, arrived home Grand Prix in Suzuka. Front of your audience, Honda made the ridiculous.

They are four races to victory promised their fans. That victory was the beginning of a new era for the team in Woking and that would make renew Fernando Alonso. The team wants the Spaniard renewed until 2020, which, today, is posed as complicated as a victory.

I want a seat for 2017!

So of course, as it sounds. What you do at the end of this season can affect the future of many drivers. Felipe Massa and Jenson Button have already announced they are removed, leaving room for new generations that come very strong. McLaren seat is already occupied by Stoffel Vandoorne, but not Williams; although the best pilot is postulated Lance Stroll. Like those of Manor, Renault, one at Toro Rosso, Sauber … and one in Force India if finally Nico Hülkenberg is so close to Renault as rumored.

Two of the most promising drivers on the grid and waged an internal struggle within the team are Esteban Ocon and Pascal Wherlein. The protected from Renault and Mercedes and could fight for a seat on a computer with more possibilities Manor.

2017 is a season that promises to be a revolution. More aerodynamic cars, engines and developing new options. Many new features and many new points at stake.

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