What is endpoint security?

Look after your endpoints and your endpoints will look after you. Each device that retrieves and inputs the data that makes your business thrive is also a conduit through which data can be corrupted or stolen and your business brought to its knees.

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Their number and variety are greater than ever before; smartphones, carphones, GPS devices, ipads, laptops, desktops, servers, smart appliances, wireless control panels, point-of-sale systems, scanners, security cameras, production line robots, automated conveyors…

Many enterprise network security perimeters have slowly dissolved without company leadership being aware of it. Endpoint security management means securing all these endpoints – whatever the risks at each.

Evolving threats

Microsoft used to tell us the battle against viruses and hackers had been won. A few patches for your operating system, a browser upgrade and an anti-virus program: everything was going to be okay. Spread of the Stuxnet virus, the massive Equifax hack, and waves of ransomware attacks have proven the opposite. Phishing emails are getting smarter, but it doesn’t even require a foolhardy download to be attacked by a worm, they come to you.

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Endpoint solutions

With this shifting security perimeter, centralised security solutions are no longer enough. Measures at points of entry are essential.

Intelligent monitoring identifies risky activities and can apply tailored and graded responses. For example, unauthorised applications on endpoint machines create vulnerable entry points into the company’s infrastructure, so endpoint security software prevents them executing in the first place. Encryption solutions dissuade users from downloading confidential data onto laptops or thumb-drives from where they are easily lost but can extend a security shield when this is approved and necessary.

The endpoints themselves bear much of the burden for their own security, so the company’s central servers remain leaner, faster and safer.

Endpoint security management companies (such as https://www.promisec.com) provide solutions combining network access control, application whitelisting, email encryption, intrusion detection, behaviour monitoring algorithms and a variety of other methods according to the types of devices being secured. Security operations on central servers integrate with these peripheral precautions.

Are you big enough?

Endpoint security strategies aren’t just for big enterprise networks, their consumers can be protected too. External stakeholders and the public at large can sign up to receive regular signature and application updates from the security company’s servers. Endpoint security can be scaled for corporations, governments and internet shoppers alike.

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