Using your campervan all year round

As summer starts to culminate and draw to an end in August, we tend to think that the holiday season is over and turn our thoughts to other activities. But for owners of camper vans, things are a bit different. Yes, there are some people who store their vans over the winter but may others choose to use them all year round. It is important to ensure that you have your camper van booked in for its annual service and mot with a company such as who offer mots gloucester way.

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Winter nights

The thing people worry about most using a camper van in winter is how cold it’s going to get at night. But remember – you’re carrying your home with you in a camper van so the level of creature comforts is very much up to you. If you’re a hardy type you might just pack a thicker sleeping bag, but it’s possible to get gas powered night heaters and if you’re using official camping sites many have electrical hook-ups to allow you to use oil-filled radiators, fan heaters or similar.

When you are heating your van in cold conditions you do need to beware of condensation, which if unchecked can lead to rust in steel-bodied vehicles. Make sure the van is properly dried and ventilated with good air circulation after it has been used. If you’re buying or restoring a van make sure it’s properly rust proofed.

Better than a tent

Of course in Britain it can turn chilly even in the summer months. If you’re a camping enthusiast but starting to feel you’re not quite hardy enough for a tent then a camper is a great answer. Since it is self contained it’s more convenient than a towed caravan so it is easy to just jump in and go away for a weekend. It is also an ideal choice for visiting events and festivals too.

A wide choice of vans is available but for many people there’s nothing to match the appeal of classic VW camper buses. Fully restored versions are available and can be built to your requirements whether it’s for all year round use or summer only.

A camper van is a major investment so it makes sense to use it whenever you can. Unlike a tent, it has the advantage that you can use it whether it is sunny or raining, whatever the time of year.

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