Tricks for traveling and keeping healthy

One of the moments where our healthy habits are put to the test is when it comes to traveling. Getting out of our routine, whether for business or simply for a vacation period, makes the habits that have cost so much to reaffirm are challenged and our commitment to a healthy life is put to the test. As in everything, the preparation and forecast of what we will find can help us to pass this challenge with a note. In this post, we give you 10 tricks for traveling and keeping healthy.

Therefore, before starting a trip we make the following recommendations:

  • Choose a healthy destination
  • Watch your diet
  • Make water your ally
  • Avoid caffeine overdose:
  • Keep your exercise routine
  • Walk
  • Guarantee yourself enough rest
  • Share your intentions
  • Do what you can
  1. Choose a healthy destination: It may seem obvious, but the choice of destination that you do will largely mark the behavior you will have. Relaxation tourism or wellness is a growing trend, so there is no excuse for not combining health and travel.
  2. Watch your diet: When we travel we usually relax the quality and quantity of what we eat. Therefore, try to avoid processed food, make light dinners and take healthy options. This will allow you to maintain your energy levels and take full advantage of your destiny.
  3. Make water your ally: Easy to find in all destinations, being adequately hydrated is a guarantee of success. Always carry a bottle (so you will also avoid paying a surcharge on tourist sites).
  4. Avoid caffeine overdose: One of the biggest mistakes we usually make on trips is to take too much caffeine. Although at first, it may be tempting and stimulating, it will end up wearing us down and demanding increasing levels.
  5. Keep your exercise routine: It is not necessary that your hotel has a gym (you can confirm it before on your website). Use your own body in the room (this routine can help you) or go running around (be sure before they are safe), but do not break your exercise habit.

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  6. Walk: A good way to eliminate the excesses you can commit, to know the city from another point of view and why not, save some money to invest in a museum or tourist attraction.
  7. Guarantee yourself enough rest: Another classic; With the intention of speeding up the visit we cut hours to sleep and spent the next day as zombies from one place to another. Avoid this error by respecting your sleep hours and ensuring adequate rest.
  8. Share your intentions: Unless you travel alone, it is very important that your healthy purposes be shared or at least known by those who accompany you, even before starting the trip. This will avoid discussions on the ground and will make it easier for you to maintain your habits.
  9. Do what you can: In spite of everything, there will be times when you have to put aside your intentions to try that local delicatessen or visit that fashionable nightclub. Assume it as part of the experience.
  10. ENJOY THE TRIP: Do not forget the emotional and relational component of health. In the end, what you will remember about this trip will be the experience, what you lived and felt there. Do not let being too strict with your habits spoils you. Have balance and enjoy.

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