Travel tips: 10 keys to get the most out of your trunk

Who else and who least have already started thinking about the Easter holidays, summer, on a long bridge … It does not matter if you have decided to travel far or if you prefer to stay close, the important thing is to disconnect and rest.

We have proposed to make it easy, so if you are going to take the car soon, take note of the tips you will find below and that will help you get the most out of your trunk.

If you do not want to have nightmares this year thinking whether or not to close the trunk, keep reading.

Don’t be gaffestrunk

We do not want to be gaffes, but … Before filling the trunk take out the toolkit and the emergency items such as triangles or vests and leave them by hand. Nothing has to happen, but imagine that you need some of this and you have it in the bottom of the trunk … total drama! Better keep them inside the car, in one of the side doors, to have them on hand.

Survival kit for childrentrunk

To make your trip (and yours) more enjoyable, prepare a bag with everything you need for when you decide to stop and leave it in the trunk. Includes snacks, drinks (especially water), cleaning supplies such as wipes or tissues and toys to keep them entertained.

Eye with the weighttrunk

Many times we believe that the weight of the car is infinite and it is not. To know the maximum weight allowed by the vehicle you have to subtract the weight of the car (tare) to the MMA value (maximum authorized mass). They can penalize you if you exceed the maximum weight and, in addition, influence the behavior of the vehicle.

An overview of luggagetrunk

If you separate all the packages by size you will get an idea of all the elements and you will easily see the order in which you have to store them in the trunk. Continue reading- Tricks for traveling and keeping healthy

Stays at home

The expendable stays at home. Before saving things, review everything and discard what you do not need. Surely you have many “porsiacasos” that you can leave. At least, try to regroup them to have a few packages as possible.

Big and heavy firsttrunk

Place the luggage of larger size and weight in the back of the trunk and, if possible, in the center.

The lightest packages

Although placing them last does not mean they are less important. Distribute the lightweight and smaller packages between the gaps of the rest of the luggage. Never leave them on the back tray because they can hinder your vision and, even worse, in case of braking, they can fly out.

Invest in a luggage racktrunk

For everything that does not fit in the trunk – or those objects in dangerous ways – it is better to opt for a luggage rack. It holds more than a roof rack and its design is more aerodynamic.

Fasten the belts

Especially if you have reclined the car seats, be sure to fasten the seat belts. This way, in case of collision or braking, you will avoid that the luggage trunk bulges move inside the vehicle.

Inside the car, just right

Avoid loose bundles inside the vehicle. If it is an essential bag, leave it at the feet to avoid being fired and kept under control at all times.

In addition, if you allow us, we have also selected the basic clothes and accessories that you need for your vacations and that will prevent you from filling your suitcase with unnecessary ” porsiacasos”. You have the perfect suitcase to go to the beach; for your holiday in the mountains or for your more urban getaways to the city. Ready?

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