Top Ten Ways to Attract More Clients

Double dip recessions, a scarcity of credit and pessimistic consumers may have killed off more than a few businesses in the last few years but if yours is one of the survivors, read on to find out ten ways in which you can attract new clients and ensure that you stay afloat for many years to come. Visit here for more tips.

  1.  Make sure that you are visible to the local business community – too many people rely on the Internet to promote their companies nowadays but there is no guarantee that anybody is visiting your social media page or reading your tweets. Get out and about and get noticed!
  2. Give something away – it might sound like a bad idea to start offering products or services for free but a cheaper version of your full product can help to get people talking about your company and generate a lot of interest, not to mention goodwill.
  3. Advertise – this sounds like an obvious suggestion but you might be surprised at just how many companies cut back on their advertising budget too far in times of economic hardship. Once people forget that you exist it can be very hard to regain their attention.
  4. Know your customers – if you are not sure of your target audience it will be very hard to formulate an effective plan of attack, no matter how enthusiastic you are or how hard you work.
  5. Organise a competition – this might not work for all businesses but if you are providing a creative service you can make sure that local business owners and consumers are aware of what you have to offer by inviting people to create something unique that is relevant to the services you provide. Loosen the purse strings a little and offer a decent prize to get the maximum exposure possible.
  6. Always pay attention to your appearance – you may be having a day out with the family but you never know when you might run into somebody that is interested in your company and what it has to offer them so make sure that you look presentable at all times. Casual dress is fine at times but don’t overdo it!
  7. Choose the right location – whether you are looking for office space to rent or a retail outlet from which you can sell your wares, make sure that you choose a location that is easy to find and that fits your corporate image.
  8. Ensure that your employees are friendly and helpful at all times – word of mouth recommendations are hard to beat, even in the digital age that we are living. Conversely, nothing will turn off potential customers more quickly than surly sales staff or unhelpful receptionists who seem more interested in their nails than your clients.
  9. Be competitive – along with the exhortation to advertise, some entrepreneurs may think that this tip is too obvious to be worth mentioning but this does not stop many of them from taking their eye off the ball and allowing competitors to undercut them.
  10.  Solve problems – if you know of a way that a common problem can be avoided, let people know about it. Once you have established yourself as an expert in your field, and a generous soul to boot, you will have customers banging on your door.

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