Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and if you are visiting the country on a vacation, you definitely want to pay a visit to this city. Indeed, it is one of the biggest and most populous cities in Rome and it is the fourth largest city in all of Europe. When it comes down to it, Rome is an ancient city. Indeed, way back when the Roman Empire existed, Rome was its capital. Not only do you get to experience all the amenities of a modern city, you also get to experience all the ruins of an ancient city. Moreover, Rome borders the Vatican, which is considered a city-state unto itself, exempt from the laws of Italy. When you visit Rome, you must visit the Vatican. Here are the top five tourist attractions in Rome.

  1. The Colosseum is also known as the Flavian Amphitheater. In classical design, it is an elliptical theater in the center of the city. Built of concrete and stone, it is the largest amphitheater ever built. For the time and place it was designed and built, it is considered a wonder of modern engineering and architecture. In the old glory days, the amphitheater was a place where games and other events took place.
  2. The Pantheon is one of the most intact examples of Roman ruins. Located in the center of Rome, the pantheon was a church where people worshiped and prayed. Specifically, the church was dedicated to St. Mary and the Martyrs and people would use the saint as a source of inspiration. During the Roman Empire, churches were built and dedicated to a single saint – there wasn’t a church that encapsulated all saints. Today, you can experience the church with much of the same glory.
  3. Trevi fountain. Made famous by countless movies, specifically Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, the Trevi fountain is one of the most gorgeous waterworks in Rome – a city with countless fountains and water sculptures. Built during the baroque era, the fountain is one of the largest and grandest in Europe. It is nearly 200 feet wide and 80 feet high. The fountain has numerous beautiful details and sculptural flourishes. When you visit Rome, you may want to take a tour group, like Through Eternity Tours, to explore these fountains.
  4. Spanish Steps. The Spanish Steps were built in the 1700s – it links the upper section of Rome with the bottom section of the city center. It was built as a symbolic gesture, but also because it was practical to lead to different parts of the city. Today, countless tourists climb the steps and can look out over the city. The Spanish Steps have been referenced in countless songs and movies.
  5. Roman Forum.The Roman Forum was another classic example of ancient architecture. During the reign of the Roman Empire, the forum was the area where people from the town would come and do their business. It was a government center, but also a place where people would shop and do their daily business. In the end, the forum is definitely a must visit when you are in Rome.

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