Tips for Maintaining a good communication with children

Maintaining a good communication with the young children allows establishing effective bonds and an emotional bond provides security and confidence in the child because he knows that he is not alone or that mom or dad goes for him. We have some tips for maintaining a good communication with children.

If a parent does not have time to talk with their child since he or she is small, when he or she is a teenager it will be difficult to talk and communicate with him, and it will be more difficult for him to know about his own child’s world.

Among the benefits of having and maintaining good communication with young children, we find that it helps to establish emotional bonds and an emotional bond. It also provides security and trust in the child because he knows he is not alone or that Mom or Dad is going for him.

1) You must have time. If a mother spends the time to be with her child she can organize it to communicate with him. On the other hand, if she is in her chores, she will not be able to communicate in a deeper and more intimate way.

2) Through the game, one tends communication bonds. At first, the child will focus on the game, through which he will communicate. Keep in mind that playing is the activity the child most likes.

3) To develop communication bonds at an early age with their children and to maintain them to continue developing them as they grow. This will help a lot in adolescence.

4) Give yourself time to communicate one on one with your children. To have and maintain at the time the experience of the communication of the father with each son and not always with the whole family reunited.

Through the game
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5) Ask open-ended questions so the child can express himself freely and avoid giving value judgments when he comments on something that does not seem to him because the child can slow down and not want to tell situations that may not have been right.

6) Help him think about what happens to him and the feelings he has. If he is afraid or anxious, it is important for the parents to help him externalize it. It can also be a reflection for the children and give back what they hear from them.

7) In the dialogue have much empathy and warmth, which are essential characteristics for communication to be natural and with love. That is not a list of questions and answers but in a natural and very welcome.

8) The times you change, bathe, milk and play are important for the baby and the child. Before sleeping you can listen and talk to the little one and ask him what he liked most in the day and what not.

9) Watch out for the time they spend on TV or video games, as those instruments can take away moments to share with family.

10) Do the exercise of expressing what they feel and think. If a little brother talks a lot at home, take care that he does not take time from someone who does not talk much.

The communication will allow you to get to know your children and the members of your family: knowing what they are, how they feel, knowing their problems and being able to help them. Do not wait for a problematic situation to happen just to try to communicate with them because it will be more difficult.


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