Tips for improving reading fluency

The reading fluency is essential to ensure a good understanding of the text, so it is important to develop a good understanding of skills themselves. We give some advice to improve.

Students who read fluently can better focus on the ideas behind the words in the words themselves. So they can better understand and retain what they read.

How to improve reading fluency children

Many children who struggle with reading fluency, reading slowly, stop at every word to better pronounce each word, and sometimes even skip words or substitute words and letters just to go faster, something that will certainly make have poor reading comprehension. But there are some strategies that you can incorporate to help students improve their reading fluency.

Read out loud

As only learn to write by writing, only learn to read by reading, so that reading aloud is an appropriate strategy to improve and enhance reading fluency. Thus, it can enhance expression, tone, speed, etc. Ideal incorporate different types of readings to help children improve reading tonality, since according to the tone the meaning of words can change.

Reading Group

The reading group is important but some children be embarrassed, but you can read poems together with friends or family. So small problems with reading fluency improve its tone without feeling less than anyone.

Record readings

Choose a short text (no longer than a minute) for children to read. Record at small to be heard how read first and let practice reading over and over again, focusing on expression, speed and tone. After practicing for several days back recording again so you can see the difference of before and after.

And of course, to improve reading fluency not forget that it is better that they themselves who choose those that are interested. Click here for more article on education.

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