The Top Five Decorative Figurines For Your Home

It is no secret that simple decorations can make a big impact. Decorative figurines are perfect for telling a story and adorning your home. You can decorate with figurines that represent an important milestone or the love of your family. There are plenty of brands that offer beautiful but durable figurines, such as the Willow Tree collection. Here are the top five decorative figurines for your home.

Willow Tree Promise Cake Topper: Celebrate your wedding or anniversary with this beautiful cake topper. It features a man and woman embracing to show their love for each other. The round base makes it easy to stick this piece on top of your wedding or anniversary cake. When your event is over, you can wash the cake topper and use it as a decorative piece for your home.

Willow Tree Guardian Musical: There is nothing that can stop you from loving and protecting your baby, and you can celebrate that love with this heartfelt musical figurine. It features a mother sitting on a rock and holding her newborn baby. The figurine turns and plays the tune “Lullaby” by Johannes Brahms. Imagine showing your little one this wonderful figurine when they are older.

The Top Five Decorative Figurines For Your Home

Willow Tree Exclusive Gift Set: Decorate your home or surprise a loved one with this exclusive gift set from Willow Tree. It features a lovely angel figurine holding a bouquet of pink flowers. The figurine comes with a pink sign adorned with the phrase “One of the best places in all the world… is right here with you.”

Willow Tree Welcome Here: Welcome your guests into your home with this beautiful figurine. It features a woman holding a wreath in both hands. The wreath symbolizes welcome, home and hospitality to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. You can place this figurine in your entrance to show your guests they are welcome in your home.

Willow Tree The Quilt: If you want to represent the love between a mother and child, this is the perfect figurine for you. It features a mother holding her child as she rocks them to sleep. The mother and child are covered a green quilt to keep them safe and warm. It is a great choice for your living room or their nursery, and your child is sure to love this figurine as they grow older.

When you shop online for decorative figurines, you are sure to find a piece that represents your family or milestones.

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