The Spectrum of Shopping

Many things affect us when we shop, some of which we don’t even notice. We are used to the obvious sales tactics, like buy one get one free promotions and putting chocolate by the check-out but do we notice the more subtle tactics employed by shops to part us from our hard-earned money? Shops want us to feel good, be attracted to certain things and become repeat customers. You might be surprised to learn that colour plays a part in this.

Colour is not the only influencing factor on consumer habits but of consumers surveyed, 84.7% say colour affects the way they shop. Other factors include atmosphere, convenience, buzz words and even smell. For advice on how to enhance your customer’s experience, visit for a range of in store media options.

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Here are the effects of different colours on Western shoppers:

Red – This colour emanates great energy and can increase the heart rate. It creates not only a sense of danger but in terms of retail, a sense of urgency. This colour is most often used for sales or clearances.

Yellow – This is an attention-grabbing colour and is often used in window displays to catch the eye of passing shoppers. It represents optimism and youthfulness.

Blue – Blue is a colour we associate with being grounded, trustworthy and secure which is why it is commonly used for financial institutions and healthcare providers. The right shade of blue is important as sky blue doesn’t create the same sense of security as a darker blue.

Black – Seen as a powerful shade and also denotes sophistication. It is often used to promote luxury items as it’s seen as sleek and serious.

Green – Green is the easiest colour for our eyes to adjust to so is generally used for putting people at ease. It is commonly used in doctor’s surgeries, hospitals or anywhere that needs a calming atmosphere. It is also associated with wealth.

Purple – This is a very calming colour so is primarily used for beauty, baby and anti-ageing products.

Orange – Although warm, welcoming and vibrant in some settings, orange can also be seen as an aggressive colour so is often used to grab-attention and call to action requests like buy, sell or subscribe buttons.

Pink – The ultimate feminine colour and used to market anything and everything for women and girls.

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What types of shoppers are attracted by these colours?

Impulse shoppers are usually more drawn to colours of an urgent, luxury or call to action persuasion such as red, orange and black.

Budget shoppers will be attracted to the trustworthy and relaxing colours of dark blue and greeny/blue shades.

Traditional shoppers seem to prefer different shades of pink and very light blue.

Some interesting colour statistics

  • Adverts that are produced in colour are read up to 42% more than those printed in black and white.
  • Choice of colour can make things easier to understand, learn and read.
  • Over 50% of shoppers surveyed have not returned to a store because they disliked the way it looked.
  • 80% of people believe that colour helps with brand recognition.

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