The Six Most Common Types of Roofing

Whether you live in a two up, two down, a thatched cottage or a detached mansion, it appears that your roof can now be a design statement as well as just something to protect the rest of the building from the elements.

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While adding a new roof to your house won’t increase its value significantly, most people expect a house to have a roof – it can give your property additional kerb appeal that will make it stand out from the crowd if you’re looking to sell. According to CNBC, you will only recoup about three quarters of the cost of your new roof.

What types of materials are available?

The six most common types of roofing include slate, metal, asphalt shingle, tiles, wood shingle and synthetics.

Each has their own merits in terms of energy efficiency, durability, colour variety available, cost, ease of use and how suited they are to the environment you live in. Given that the cost of a new roof is likely to run into the thousands, you will need to consider each type carefully before making a final decision.

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Of course, some materials are better suited to certain property types than others and there may also be some planning restrictions that mean you can’t replace your existing roof with your first choice of material.

The sheer weight of some materials, like tiles made from clay or concrete, can be a downside, and if you select a heavier roofing material you may need to factor in the additional cost of extra framing for your roof to support the weight.

If you’re considering adding solar panels you should check that the type of roof you select is right to have these added.

A fabric roof is also an option, although it’s more commonly used in commercial premises – companies such as are specialists in this area.

How long will your roof last?

The type of material you choose for your roof will have a bearing on how long it will last, as will the environment in which you live. Typically, you should expect a new roof to last between twenty to fifty years.

So, if you do your research and choose well, you will have a roof that gives your home a new look, secures the property from weather damage and lasts a lifetime.

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