The Seven Steps to a Safe Garage Door System

A quick search of the internet will reveal that garage doors can be a source of traumatic and sometimes fatal accidents. Make sure your garage door system is safe for use, and follow these seven steps:

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1. Choose a lightweight material

A wooden or hardboard garage door can weight up to 400 lbs. The lighter option is an insulated double steel door. The weight of such steel doors are likely to be in the region of 150 to 200 lbs. Making sure that your door is lighter will mean that it is less likely, in the event of malfunction or misuse, to cause serious injury.

2. Choose a pinch-resistant design

A common garage door injury is a finger that is trapped between a door and a wall according to Garage Door Child Use a pinch-resistant design instead.

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3. Reinforce the safety of the door springs

Containment cables run through side mounted extension springs. If the spring breaks, the containment cable will prevent the spring from becoming a heavy whip which is likely to cause damage to cars or people. If you are replacing your garage door, ensure that containment cables are included with the springs. Reputable firms such as, who offer Garage Door installation in St Albans, will ensure that this is the case.

4. Ensure spring brackets are firmly attached

Hardware and rails should be firmly mounted to the wall surrounding the door, and to the rafters on the inside of the garage.

5. Make sure the automatic door openers are safe

It is now mandatory for automatic doors to have an auto-reversing mechanism, and a photoelectric eye close to the floor on both sides of the door. The photoelectric eyes send beams across the base of the door opening, and if they are interrupted, the door will automatically start opening again.

6. Maintain the system

It is worthwhile carrying out an annual check of the nuts and bolts on the garage door to ensure that they are firmly in place, and to lubricate rollers and springs if necessary. This will ensure the mechanism will continue to operate smoothly and reduce any wear and tear.

7. Out of a child’s reach

Children like to play with switches, so it is prudent to mount any opener switches a minimum of 5ft above the ground.

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