The Real You in the Shower

When we take a shower, it’s a highly personal and relaxing time. Revitalising and refreshing, the experience seems to sum up more than the simple routine of making us clean again. It is a time to truly be ourselves, away from the world and as such, a shower can bring out some highly individual traits. How we take a shower says a lot about our personalities so, which type of showerer are you?

The ‘Up and at ‘em’

If you’re one of these people, your shower will only last a matter of minutes as you leap from one task to the next to get going. You treat your ablutions like a carefully choreographed manoeuvre, knowing exactly what needs to be done in as quick a time as possible. You’re efficient, driven and goal-orientated. You like simple, quick solutions to life’s problems and your shower is purely functional.

The Exhibitionist

Some alone time in the shower means only one thing for you – lights, camera, action! You use this time to release your inner diva, using the shampoo bottle as a microphone and the water stream is your applause. Not for you the karaoke stage at the local pub, you’re too self-conscious for that, but when the shower door closes – you are Celine Dion! You tend to be a little introverted in day-to-day life but with the ability to be bubbly and fun when with those you feel comfortable with.

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The Escapist

When you take a shower, you visibly relax the tension in your muscles and close the door on life’s stresses and strains. For you, the private, personal time is a relief and a time to be cherished. Perhaps you are greatly relied on, as a parent or carer. Maybe you have a full-on job that has you meeting many people every day. The shower is your refuge from the demands of the outside world, for you to enjoy some peace and let your mind go blank for a while. Why not treat yourself to a shower make-over? For 8mm shower glass panels, visit

The Sleepy head

Having your water a touch cooler than most, you use it not as a time for relaxation but to wake you up in the morning. You need the cool stream to act as an energising blast, in a similar way to that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning. Perhaps you need some motivation to get you going, but once you do, there’s no stopping you!

The Dreamer

Having some alone time in the shower is the perfect time to get that eureka moment! You use this time to ponder things, solve problems or think about your latest invention. You love ideas, brain-storming and day-dreaming so use your shower as the ideal time to let those thoughts wash over you. You can even buy waterproof pens and pads for use in the shower, so you never need to let those great ideas flush down the drain ever again!

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