The best casinos in the world

Discover what are the best casinos in the world. Hagan game lords! If you like the game and want to make a different type of tourism usual, we’ll give you the names of five places to visit mandatory. This is the best casinos in the world, places of luxury, prestige and money movement, only available to the lucky ones.

What are the best casinos in the world?

To know which are the best casinos in the world, pay attention to the following sites:


The Wynn is located in the city of Las Vegas (Boulevard) and is much more than just a casino. It has a restaurant awarded a Michelin star and many luxury shops. Although not nearly highlight, it is true that the best players are always passed by there on occasion because it is the most valued.


Possibly the biggest casino in Las Vegas, often topping the charts of the most prestigious in the world. The Bellagio has a 5 diamonds, has built 7,000 square meters, it hosts the World Poker Tour and has even been the venue where they have represented the Cirque du Soleil. Entertainment and fun mixed in one place.

The Venetian

If we leave the region of Las Vegas, flooded by the fame of the casinos, there are many other places to have fun with slots. This is the case of The Venetian, located in the region of Macao in China. It is inspired by the Italian city and is one of the best casinos that exist today in the world.

The Atlantis Paradise Island

It is unusual for one of the best casinos environment as heavenly as the Islands of the Bahamas place, but The Atlantis Paradise Island has earned the title with honors. This built on an artificial lagoon and has inside more than 80 tables to accommodate the world’s best players.


That name was logical that a casino of those features were among the most prestigious in the world. Monica as a backdrop, the late Charles Garnier Belle Epoque. It has an incredible facade, its interior have been shot numerous films, series and also to stage opera and ballet. A complete set has earned him the badge of one of the best casinos in the world.

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