The benefits of watermelon

It is one of the most popular summer fruits, probably because thanks to its high water content, allows us to hydrate while we enjoyed the unmistakable flavor of watermelon. But hydration is not the only benefit of this fruit, as we shall see below.

HealthThe importance of fruit and vegetables

I take this article watermelon to remember how important it is to eat the famous five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Fruits and vegetables provide us among other things vitamins and fiber, in addition to our daily intake of water and other nutrients.

Benefits Watermelon

It is a different source of healthy water. If you’re tired of drinking glasses of water during the summer, and also want to get a drink artificial drinks, a good solution is to simply eat chunks of watermelon. You can also liquefy and have a tasty drink.

  • It contains vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C, a nutrient that we need daily.
  • It is a source of carotenoids, especially lycopene, an antioxidant that has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the formation of cancer cells.
  • Thanks to its high water content and dietary fiber, watermelon also helps regulate digestive transit.
  • Some studies have also found a correlation between the consumption of watermelon and a reducing hypertension.
  • Another study concluded that increased consumption of watermelon could reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

How to care for fruit so that it retains its properties

Some of the nutrient Watermelon disappear over time once the fruit is cut. As food is a large, clearly consumed several times, and therefore must be careful not to let too much time pass between cutting and consumption. Specifically, it recommends eating watermelon in the four days following the court, and of course keep it in the fridge.

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