Ten More Top Tips for New Campervan Owners

The campervan world offers endless fun, freedom and all the adventures of camping but with comfortable living and sleeping arrangements. Every year more and more people choose to grab a piece of this holiday action, so here are ten more tips to help new campervan owners get started with ease.

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1.      Don’t Skip the Practice Runs

Imagine that you are setting up for real while still parked at home. Go through all the steps to get comfortable with hook-ups, using the kitchen and so on.

2.      Choose Your Pitch with Thought

What you prefer depends on your circumstances. If you have small children along, then having a playground close by is attractive, but it’s a potential noise trap for those looking for peace and quiet.

3.      Create and Use Checklists

Use them to avoid forgetting key items for your trip and to tick off all safety checks before driving (such as securing loose items inside, winding down the aerial or turning off the gas), and then repeat before return journey.

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4.      Make a Visual Reminder of Your Van Size

Learn the dimensions of your campervan, but also make a note of them which is visible to the driver – useful for low bridges and narrow passes.

5.      Take the Manual with You

Having it along with you could save having to call someone out for an obvious and easy-fix problem.

6.      Keep an Eye on Vehicle Weight

Do you know what the maximum payload you are allowed is? The payload includes the weight of passengers plus luggage, water, food, accessories, etc. Going over can make handling tricky and invalidate your insurance.

7.      Explore What Works

Campervans come in various sizes, but nothing compares to having one custom-created just for you. Companies like Welsh Coast Campers provide advice and information on this option.

8.      Choose Early Trips Carefully

Your first few road trips are practice times, so take it easy. If Scotland is your dream place, winter snow could be too much, while Welsh Coast Campers can enjoy quieter roads.

9.      Pay Attention to Security

You may be in holiday mode, but thieves certainly aren’t. Store valuable items out of sight, and keep storage and entry points locked.

10.     Watch Your Speed

Speed restrictions will vary by vehicle weight and country, so don’t get caught out.

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