Ten tips for an eco-friendly home

Many home owners would like to make their homes greener. There are many ways you can achieve this without going over the top with expensive gadgets, so read on for our top 10 tips.

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1. Loft, door and window insulation

Insulate your loft, windows and door frames to keep more of the heat inside your home and reduce energy bills.

2. Turn down the thermostat

Turning down your heating by just half a degree can make a saving and be kinder to the environment.

3. Recycle

Recycle everything you can, from plastic bottles to papers. Recycled goods can be used to create many items – even the asphalt used to make roads.

4. Use light earth blocks

Builders can sometimes use light earth-friendly bricks to build homes and extensions. These eco-bricks are made from waste by-products, such as earth, chalk and straw.

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5. Foam insulation

An innovative new insulation material called MycoFoam is fire resistant and made from agricultural waste. The waste is ground down and combined with mycelium from mushrooms to bind it together.

While you are insulating your home. remember to fit double glazing. Whether you are looking for double glazing in Leicester from a firm such as http://www.absolutewindowsolutions.co.uk/ or are searching in another part of the country, double glazing is a great way of reducing heat loss and cutting energy bills.

6. Coffee fuel

You can keep your home warm by using logs made from coffee grounds. The logs burn longer and brighter than wood, and are totally carbon-neutral.

7. Egloos

Egloos are 3D printed domes that can heat your home using just four tea candles. The smaller inner dome heats up and radiates heat to the outer dome, which heats the room. The Egloo is made from terracotta and is safe to touch.

8. Kitchen recycling

You can have a kitchen installed using all recycled products; for example, The Used Kitchen Company uses ex-showroom pieces and secondhand kitchen goods. You can also sell your old kitchen using the same site.

9. Durapalm

Durapalm is a new source of flooring and wood veneer. Sustainable timber is used, so deforestation is not an issue.

10. Transparent speakers

Transparent speakers are stripped-down speakers, so you can see the internal workings. They can connect to Wi-Fi and looks sleek and modern. Almost every part can be recycled and replaced.

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