Ten Things You Should Never Do To Your Wood Floor

  1. Use harsh chemicals to clean your flooring

Ammonia, detergent, vinegar and powdered cleaners can damage your engineered wood flooring over time, and should not be used.

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2. Use hard casters

Casters on furniture will cause isolated wear in certain areas, and increase how often refinishing and recoating will need to be conducted.

3. Use steam mops

The use of water, including steam, should be limited in every instance. High heat from steam mops can thermally disintegrate your flooring’s protective layer.

4. Pour cleaning products onto the floor

Pouring a puddle of cleaner and spreading it over the floor can be as detrimental to your wood flooring as using excessive water. Liberal amounts of cleaning products will be absorbed into the wood, which can cause swelling. Oak engineered flooring, such as that found at http://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring/, will begin to look uneven over time.

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5. Waiting too long to refinish

Wood flooring will eventually show surface scratches and wear, no matter which finish you choose. When dull traffic areas begin to appear, it’s time to re-coat your floorboards. Re-finishing your floors is often a one-day process and costs less than sanding. Plan on re-coating your engineered wood flooring every 3-5 years, and do not wait until the flooring wears through to bare wood.

6. Wear high heels on wood flooring

High heels can cause dents, so ensure all heeled shoes are kicked off at the door to protect your floors. These shoes can quickly act like chisels on your wooden flooring.

7. Unprotected furniture legs

Place protective pads under the legs of furniture which is in contact with wooden flooring. The weight of any furniture left unprotected is likely to damage the finish of wood floors.

8. Drag furniture
Furniture must be carefully lifted off the floor and placed back gently, avoiding dragging at all costs. Furniture straps and felt pads are useful when moving heavy furniture.

9. Not trimming pet claws

Leaving your pet’s nails and claws untrimmed as they skitter and run across your wooden flooring is irritating, but will also ruin the finish of your engineered wood flooring.

10. Leaving pet stains untreated

Any accidents on your wood flooring should be fixed immediately. The longer urine sits on wooden flooring, the more it is likely to cause damage.

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