A Guide to Stress-Free Relocation

If you’ve been asked to relocate by the company you work, it can have a huge impact on your life. Exciting yet daunting, it can be tough to focus 100% on your new job location when you’re dealing with the tricky logistics of moving. Here are some tips to having a successful move and making the transition as smooth as possible:

Stay organized

A lot of what stresses us out about moving is handling all the logistics involved. Staying organized will go a long way towards helping so, make lots of to-do lists and checklists of important items prior to your departure and for when you arrive.

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Understand what help is available

A lot of companies offer a range of relocation services, so find out what’s available to help you and make use of it. Some companies will cover the cost of visits to your new location to find accommodation for example. They may also provide assistance in selling your home and buying a new one. Ask what’s available for all members of your family who are coming with you as they may be able to help in the job search for a spouse, for example. An Employee Relocation Company like http://www.dtmoving.com/relocation-services are experts in assisting all relocation matters.

Visit your new area

It’s important to have the opportunity to visit your town or city before you move. You’ll want to explore the neighbourhoods and find the best one suited to your needs. You might also be looking for areas with good amenities, schools and good transportation links. If a visit is not on the cards, be sure to speak to people who have lived there or still do. There are expat communities online where you can find information and tips. Local news and blogs, for example will also give you a feel for what life is like.

Find out the cost of living

This should be compensated for in your wages, but it’s always good to do your research before you depart. That way there will be no nasty surprises and you can plan accordingly.

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Don’t commit long-term

It’s a good idea to rent and not buy initially to give yourself a chance to see how the land lies before making a long-term commitment. Many have made the mistake of buying or taking out a long-term lease only to discover they dislike the neighbourhood or the job!

Build a social network

Do what you can to build a network of friends and people who share your interests. There are online resources to get in touch with people in your area with similar interests and your company might offer social clubs and meet-ups to make you feel more at home. Creating a network of support will make you feel happier, more at ease in your new surroundings and therefore performing better in your job.

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