Six germ hotspots in the workplace

Most of us spend the vast majority of our weeks at work. If we are in our workplace so often, we want to make sure that it is as clean as possible, to stop any germs spreading – ending up in the dreaded colds and illnesses that are so easily distributed between colleagues.

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Here is a countdown of six of the dirtiest areas within your workplace, and how to avoid those nasty germs.

Door handles

Unsurprisingly, the handles on every door will be crawling with germs from anyone who has set foot in the office. Especially the toilet door. Everyone will be opening doors using the handles, and there is no guarantee that these people have particularly clean hands. Try using an antibacterial gel as much as possible.


The desk, phone, mouse and keyboard are probably the most used items during the working day in an office. Even your stationery will be dirty – particularly if you are a pen-chewer. Try wiping your desk and phone each morning using an antibacterial wipe… And maybe stop gnawing on that pen. Professional office cleaning in Cheltenham will help keep the germs at bay.

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The office fridge

Many employees will take their lunch to work with them. Sometimes that lunch will stay in the fridge much longer than planned! Forgotten meals or expired milk will encourage mould and unwelcome bacteria. The fridge is often quickly forgotten when staff are left to clean the office themselves – it can be quicker and more effective to hire an external company for office cleaning in Cheltenham.

Briefcases, handbags and rucksacks

Your bag will come in from the outside world having touched anything and everything on the way. It will then be put on the floor, and even on the floor in the bathroom! Try to only put it down at your desk, plus give it a regular clean at home.

Water cooler

The water cooler is one of the worst culprits for germs, as there is a high touch rate and bacteria multiplies where moisture is present. Give the cooler and the nozzle a wipe every morning.


The printer is used by everyone, numerous times a day – so the buttons will be full of germs too! Try and get into the habit of wiping this with an antibacterial wipe.


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