How Sculpture Can Transform an Outdoor Space

From early spring mornings with a coffee and the paper to summer evenings hosting a family barbecue, we all love to make use of our outside space; but how many of us really make the most of it? If your garden or yard is looking a bit drab, it’s time to devise a plan to brighten it up.

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There are many easy ways to do that, such as replacing the garden furniture or planting some tubs of bright flowers, but why not try something a little less obvious and choose a garden sculpture? It’s a fast and simple way to take your outdoor space from something practical and functional to a glorious haven with little effort, and the perfect addition to an area which is currently pretty bland.

How to Choose the Right Sculpture for Your Garden

There are no hard and fast rules here, but it’s wise to keep in mind three key points: the size of your space, the material of the sculpture and your personal taste. It’s fine to go for something oversized if you have a postage-stamp-sized garden, but can you live with it for the long term? Perhaps a subtle item which will surprise and delight visitors who discover it would be the better choice for less spacious areas.

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Durable Is a Must

British weather can be harsh, and the piece or pieces you buy need to survive all conditions intact to avoid the risk of looking tatty and unappealing in no time. Stone, concrete, bronze and Corten Metal Garden Sculptures are hard-wearing.

The Look

When it comes to the design, anything goes. Unleash your hidden side with something wacky or be traditional or go abstract – what matters is that the sculpture speaks to you, reflects your personality and makes you happy. Loving the new look or feel it brings is what transforming your space is all about. If you have something special in mind, you can easily commission a bespoke piece from experts such as

Garden art of all kinds is such an easy way to brighten, modernize or add to an already fabulous part of your home, and adding a sculpture is perhaps the best way to personalize it. Enjoy planning, designing and choosing something which you are bound to get many hours of pleasure from.

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