Science Says You Can Put Your Christmas Decorations Up Early

Whether you’re an early bird or put it off until the last minute, there’s a scientific reason for Christmas decorations bringing happiness. Here’s why you should brandish your baubles and wield your wreaths early if you want a boost of joy this holiday season.

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Links to the Past

Christmas decorations can remind us of happy moments in our lives and cherished childhood memories by stirring emotions and providing a cosy sense of nostalgia. They let us relive a little of the excitement we had as a child when things were more simple, Santa existed, and there was Christmas magic in the air.

Seasonal decorations also serve as a reminder of loved ones lost. They’re a way to connect with our past, the loved ones we’ve had in our lives and those we hold dear to us now.

According to the psychoanalyst and founder of MindFixers, Steve McKeown, they can equally be a tool for managing the past and negative memories. Building on prior research, it was found that early adoption of decorations can be a means of dealing with past disappointment in an effort to avoid disappointment this time around.

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It Echoes the Sentiments of Christmas

Decorations strengthen the underlying nature of Christmas as a time of good will and giving. Being generous and altruistic helps us to think of others, it helps us connect to those around us, and it makes us feel good as a result. By spending time and effort on your decorations, you’re showing love for your home, your family and yourself. Keep your home fresh and inviting by investing in quality cleaning by a Cheltenham carpet cleaning company such as Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company.

Early Decorations Give Welcoming Impressions

Clients of design businesses are wanting a longer period for decorations to be in place, asking for them to go up at Thanksgiving and be removed later than usual in January. One study by Werner et al has even indicated that decoration to the exterior of your home makes you seem friendlier and more approachable. There’s a sense of community and belonging in people coming together to participate in similar traditions, and decorations can be a great conversation starter. They bring a little joy to others who see our homes lit up or our front doors adorned with wreaths.


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