How sash window repairs could save you money on replacements

In a world where replacement is often much cheaper than repair, one wonders why sash window repair is gaining so much popularity in places like London. The competition is driving prices down, and many companies are opting to preserve what is there rather than rip everything out and replace it with something new.

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Lower cost

Once you know that a newly replaced window can cost just under £2000, you’ll be thrilled to learn that repairs will come in below that figure. Even if your sash windows require new sills, have surface rot or need an entire sash, companies will happily repair them. Double Glazing in Hereford can be done on old sash windows to increase their efficiency at the same time.

Draught proofing

The perception is that a new window would be more thermally efficient because it has been double glazed. One needs to remember that original sash windows can also be double glazed if their structure can hold it. Another option is to make use of the old frames and build new windows within them. The character that original sash windows add to a home is unmistakable.

Companies will quite happily advise you on the best route to follow if you are after Hereford Double Glazing. They can assess the condition of the sash window and recommend what can be done to repair and improve your existing windows at a reasonable price.

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Will it be viable?

Having old sash windows might be a concern from an economic point of view. If you are not sure, take the time to read to get an idea of which action to take. Companies will generally give you a free repair quote without making you commit. Aim to get at least three quotes so that you can compare it for yourself. If the recommendation is to replace the window, you can at least be confident that you have researched all the options.

In a nutshell, the beauty and design of sash windows have stood the test of time. Due to the ingenuity of the original design, little has changed over the past century in terms of design. The biggest difference now is that they are insulated. Depending on your situation, you might consider saving your sash window through a repair rather than ripping it out to be replaced.

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