Raising the Bar in Brain Performance

In the past, the medical community believed that the intelligence quotient is hereditary. Genetics play an important part in the forming of the person’s physical and mental systems, so nobody doubted this theory. For many years, intelligence became a primary interest in the study of genetics. However, when technology began to develop, there were surprising studies that prove the idea that external factors affect the brain, not just the IQ, but the general cognition. This theory is further supported by the advent of multivitamins that provide the necessary nourishment for the brain and body, resulting in better physical and mental performance. 

raising-the-bar-in-brain-performanceThe central nervous system is responsible for a wide variety of processes. As the main control system of the body, the brain determines the task of each organ system, and commands them by sending the signals with the use of brain cells or neurons. A fully-functioning brain will also send out the right responses to specific stimuli in a fraction of a second, and not later than that. For example, when fire touches the skin, the person should feel pain immediately. When it reacts too late, the brain might be struggling to do its part in controlling the rest of the body.

Improving mental functions might be easier if the brain is just suffering from common conditions like brain fog and lack of concentration. However, when it is damaged by toxins like stress hormones, the brain might be suffering from other mental disorders and diseases. If the effects are still reversible, then the individual can try the following methods to raise the bar in brain performance.

Proper Exercise and a Healthy Diet

People should never underestimate the positive effects of a well-balanced diet and exercise. By incorporating healthy food such as fish, vegetable and fruits in the daily diet, an individual can experience positive brain performance, as compared to eating junk food all the time. Proper exercise also promotes better blood flow and oxygenation in the brain. Just like the body, the brain needs to get proper nourishment to do its job well.


When people have an aversion to raw food or they simply do not have time to cook healthy dishes, they should incorporate multivitamins in their daily diet. The B vitamins have brain-boosting properties that could make a difference in one’s mental routine.

Cognition-enhancing Supplements

Also called as Nootropics, these supplements are popular among working professionals, students and people diagnosed with brain diseases and disorders. Nootropics can be taken daily to promote optimal brain performance, but one needs to consult a doctor regarding the right dosage. In addition, Nootropics can help slow down the development of Neuro-degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Brain performance could be strengthened by a number of factors, but it may depend on the mental state of the individual. People with Neuro-degenerative diseases might need a stronger dose of brain-boosting pills to keep the brain in excellent form.

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