Preparing for a masonry cleaning project

If you want to bring some sparkle back to your old property, you might have decided the masonry needs a clean. Firstly, consider your reasons for cleaning the masonry. You may wish to improve the look of the building, slow down possible deterioration in the materials or provide a clean slate for surveying the condition of the masonry. Whatever your reasons, it’s important to take steps to protect the property and adopt a fully researched and methodical approach.

Identify what you’re removing

Before you know how to remove dirt, you must know what type of soiling you’re dealing with. Any dirt needs to be removed in the gentlest but most effective manner when it comes to historic buildings. Stains like smoke need a different cleaning agent than an oil stain for example. Organic matter and mould growth also require different removal methods.

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The building’s appearance

Before deciding if paint needs to be removed, consider if the original masonry is historically accurate. You must understand why the building was painted in the first place. Does the paint cover botched repairs or mismatching masonry for example? Is the paint assisting soft stone or concealing something that’s deteriorating? Whether the paint was applied purely as a trend or was originally applied at the time of construction will affect your decision as to whether to remove it or not.

Choose the right cleaner


This is where you will need the advice and expertise of professional Masonry Cleaning Services. It is so important that the right products are used as using incorrect methods or chemicals can have terrible consequences. For example, using an acid-based cleaner on stone like limestone or marble is highly damaging. The stone will start to dissolve. Sandstone comes in a wide variety, each with a slightly different composition that will react differently to different cleaning agents. It is also a possibility that when a stone or brick is identified, it could contain unknown impurities that react with a compatible cleaning agent and cause staining to the masonry. This is why it’s so important to have a professional masonry cleaning company like offer advice on the best products to use for your type of masonry.

Is cleaning or paint removal practical?

Some build-up or crusting might have become an integral part of the stone which means cleaning could remove a top layer of the stone. In this case, cleaning would not be recommended. In some cases, even where you want to restore back to the unpainted original masonry, if the paint has been there for a long time, it might be better to leave well alone for the preservation of the masonry.

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