Planning an event but getting stressed out?

Planning an event can be a minefield. Where’s the perfect venue? How many people are coming and do they all need food? If so, how many have special dietary requirements? You get the idea. Throw in the time-consuming search for appropriate entertainment, decorations, marketing and invites and you can see why many people choose to employ the services of an event management company. Here are some useful tips for what to look for when choosing an events company:

  • Look for a company that specialises in the kind of event that you’re looking to stage. Whether it be a corporate conference, a wedding or charity fundraiser, different events companies will have more experience in each of areas than others. This should also demonstrate that they have a passion for this type of event. Passion is good – passion leads to an exciting and inspired event. For Conference Management Companies Dublin, visit

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  • Meet with the team. Event professionals must be good with people as their work involves dealing with lots of different people daily. You should feel at ease, see that they are friendly, approachable and great communicators. If they are not displaying excellent people skills to you personally then can you guarantee your event will have the right kind of vibe?
  • An events manager must be able to demonstrate that they have impeccable organizing skills. As you can see from the list above, there are many factors that require researching, booking and executing so great organising, scheduling and budgeting skills are essential. See if you can track down previous clients or those who have provided testimonials so you can hear first-hand how well organised their event was.
  • Speak to everyone on the team if you can. The planning of your event is unlikely to be under the sole direction of one event planner and is often a team event. Find out who the main planner will be and those who report to him or her. There is much to be said for getting to know everyone involved in your event, from ease of communication to a better understanding of your requirements.

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  • Throw in a few ‘What If’ scenarios to gauge how flexible this company will be. Whilst everyone wants pinpoint timing and accuracy, things inevitably go haywire in life and it’s good to know how the company would adapt to these scenarios. Ask them and previous clients about a time when they were forced to perform under pressure and how they adapted to unforeseen events.
  • Time management could come under the heading of organizational skills but for event management, time planning is probably the biggest single element in staging an event. Any delays or missed deadlines can easily spell disaster for your event so it’s worth finding out what kind of time management and scheduling system the company uses to stay on track.
  • Do plenty of research and give yourself the time to do this effectively. Word of mouth recommendations from colleagues, family or friends are a common way to hear about great service and successful events.

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