How online games redefine entertainment?

Entertainment is something which is desperately sought after by every human to provide them succour amidst their stressful daily routines. Watching Television, going for movies, playing indoor and outdoor games, listening to music, attending a dance concert, etc. were some of the common forms of entertainment, relished by people of all ages over the years. Is that the same case now? Well, while few people still stick to such modes of entertainment, but many of them have started finding fun and enjoyment not taking too much of efforts, by just playing online games like Indian rummy, poker etc. Yes, online games redefine entertainment as they are composed of all the requisite components that yield thrill and excitement. Let us now see in detail as to how online games are successful in replacing other modes of entertainment, carving a niche for themselves.

It is gamers’ decision all the way:

Everybody loves watching television, as it is stuffed with varieties. You may be a movie lover or a sports buff or perhaps even an animal lover – you get to see them all. But it has its own disadvantages as well. For instance, though you may get to see movies, enjoy sports, watch animals etc., the movies, the sports, the animals that you get to watch are certainly not in your control. It is the prerogative of the respective television channels, isn’t it? Whereas for playing online games, all you need is a mobile or a PC with an internet connection. You have millions of games offering you variety of things. You can choose and pick the one that entertains you and play it incessantly as long as you want. So, basically it is your decision all the way as a gamer and that is why online games outscore television far more easily.

Movies are passé but online games stay:

You love movies because you are able to see heroes do certain things which are not possible to be done outside tinsel world. You love movies because you are awed by the settings and architectural designs seen in them. You love movies because of its background music. There may be hundreds of such reasons, isn’t it? The director of the movie or a storyteller of the movie decides the way the script should move. You may see your superhero suffering as a part of the script leaving you watching it helplessly in the movie hall. So, what is supposed to be a mode of entertainment actually ends up bothering you a lot. But when you are an online gamer, you can choose to manoeuvre your favourite hero as per your wish. Yes, you are as good as a director who can decide how efficiently a particular movie character can be used. Let us take a very recent example. It is hard not to like a movie like Bahubali which has more than one iconic character, all vested with super powers of their own. However, you may not have been totally satisfied with the way some of your superheroes in that movie were treated. That movie’s mega success prompted an online game to be developed in its name having all its iconic characters like Bahubali, Kattappa, Bhallaladeva, etc., When you play that game, you become the virtual commander of the army who decides what weapon to fire and which of the iconic characters to be triggered in a given situation and so on. Is it not a better mode of entertainment than watching a long movie? Many movies have come and gone but the games like Bahubali, you bet, is to remain in your mobile screen for many years to come.

Sports and games appear more fascinating online:

Similar to movies, the online games help you to play the knock of your favourite sports stars and enjoy seeing them scoring runs or goals. There are fast paced games like car and bike races, action games like boxing and WWE which bring some spine chilling moments, not otherwise enjoyable in the same level just watching it live on the television. The online games help you connect to the world and play with players across the globe. Rummy is one such game that has taken the online gaming world by storm as soon as it hit online. Previously, this game is used to be played during marriages and functions in India between friends. This Rummy card game is totally a different entertainment altogether online, providing you with the variety of options on screen coupled with graphics and the fact that you are able to play with like-minded players and unknown faces across the globe makes it more lovable and entertaining. In fact, every other game which has hit online has become has taken entertainment to another level.


When online games are stuffed with every form of fun and enjoyment as detailed above, why would someone contend with traditional modes of entertainment? After all, change is the only thing which is constant in this world isn’t it? This era belongs to online gaming and it may take several centuries to find a suitable replacement for the same.

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