A nice nod to Star Trek

You really have to hand it to Seth Macfarlane. He was one of the youngest television executives ever at Fox, just twenty four! And now he has convinced them the make another series of the brilliant “The Orville” If you missed it then shame on you but I can give you an idea of the show so you can look it up. Macfarlane pitched Family Guy and American Dad! To Fox so if he can make this affectionate Star Trek pastiche work then I’m sure he could anything even TV Aerial Installation Swansea way if he put his mind to it. On second thoughts I doubt that try https://www.onevisionltd.co.uk/tv-aerial-installation-swansea instead it’s a much better bet.

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Back then to The Orville. It’s a science fiction comedy, rom com, drama that borrows heavily from Star Trek. Macfarlane has referenced the show many times in Family Guy but here he has taken the concept of the reference much further. The ship the Orville could well be the Enterprise, the whole start of the show and the music is clearly a version of the United Federation of Planets flagship wending its way through the universe.  The Orville though is a Union ship and we have the Klingon opposite in the shape of the Krill. There appears to be on animosity here. As can be seen with Robert Picardo, the holographic Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager starring and Jonathan  Frakes, First Officer Will Riker on Star Trek the Next Generation, has directed. The biggest Star Trek element is the inclusion of Brannon Braga. He is the not as well-known as a force behind the Trek series starting as an intern on the next Generation. He moved onto Voyager and the Star Trek: Enterprise series plus producer the first two Next Generation films Generations and the brilliant First Contact. With these people behind it The Orville was all ways going to be an affectionate nod towards its famous cousin. In fact the show outscored the official new Star Trek show discovery with many arguing it was more Star Trek than Star Trek itself!

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The show is set in the utopian future. Humanity has conquered the stars and made friends combining the races of the known universe into the Union. The only ones not playing ball are the vicious Krill, although they are shown as being a bit more complex than they first appear. There is a high comedy element. Most of it centred around the two helmsmen Malloy and LaMarr and their interactions with the emotionless Isaac, a lifeform that considers everyone other than there race inferior. He likes to tell them this, a lot. As an example to illustrate human humour Malloy turns Isaacs head into a Mr Potato Head and exhorts Isaac to “get him back”. Isaac respond’s by painlessly severing Malloy’s leg and hiding it. “Ha Ha”, he speaks without really laughing. If that doesn’t make you watch it nothing will.


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