Why you must not overload a skip

Hiring a skip is the perfect solution for any household looking to have a good clear out or when downsizing. It’s also a convenient way to get rid of excess garden waste when you want to spruce up your garden for spring and summer. They are also used by builders during renovation work and offer a great solution to waste disposal problems. However, don’t get carried away with the temptation to put too much in your skip. It’s vital to understand the different sized skips available and what will be suitable for your needs. Once your skip is full to the point where the contents meets the top of the skip, don’t add any more to it. Here are some reasons why you don’t want to overflow your skip:

What are the rules about skips?

A good rule of thumb is not to exceed the height of the walls of the skip. If you do, you will likely exceed the weight restrictions of the skip. Remember that the skip must be lifted and loaded onto the back of a lorry to be transported to a waste recycling site. If you have badly overloaded the skip, the lift cannot be performed safely, and the skip hire company will refuse to transport it. If you start to exceed the height of the skip walls, then you will most likely need to hire a further skip. For Skip Hire Swansea, visit http://pendragoncarmarthenshire.co.uk/

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What are the risks of an overloaded skip?

  • Safety hazards

When you’re putting junk into the skip, consider all the sharp, jagged edges and rough materials that are poking out at all angles. Not only are these a hazard for you, but also pedestrians walking past and the skip company employee. When a skip is in a precarious and overloaded position, it is more likely to spill out its contents onto the pavement or road and could cause an injury. Overloaded skips must have their surplus material removed to prevent this safety risk. Imagine how dangerous the load would be on the back of a lorry if the contents started spilling onto the road and into the path of oncoming traffic.

  • Legal Considerations

As well as not being safe, overloading a skip is actually against the law. The driver from the skip hire company will flat out refuse to remove it if it presents the kinds of hazards described above. The hire companies are duty bound to comply with these strict regulations, so won’t remove a skip that’s overflowing.

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  • Neighbour Considerations

It’s always polite to let your neighbours if a skip on your property will affect them in any way. A skip cannot be left in a position where it blocks the road so be considerate. If it is going on a public road, you will need to seek a license for it beforehand. Be aware that skips are fairly unsightly objects and even more so when overloaded. Avoid neighbourly problems and disputes by keeping your skip in a sensible location and filling it responsibly.

  • Additional Charges

If you overfill your skip and a driver refuses to remove it, chances are you will incur additional costs to have your waste removed. Avoid these nasty surprises by filling your skip sensibly within the company’s guidelines.


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