Memory-Enhancing Drugs for All Ages

One of the most important functions of the brain is storing and retrieving information through memory processes. By definition, the memory is a process of remembering what the mind had learned and experienced using the five senses. It also stores information in the short-term memory and long-term memory for future reference. Many people rely on memory process in building their identities since the day of their consciousness. The memory is already a part of their life; thus, it is reasonable for them to protect it until the day of their death. 

memory-enhancing-drugs-for-all-agesThe memory processes are used on a second-basis. The brain stores visuals, sounds, tastes and feelings in the memory for every second of life. In the long run, the memory helps us remember things that matter such as an old address, a new friend’s name and the routine at work. Without a fully-functional memory, people become useless because they might not even know what they are doing and how to do it right anymore. In order to save the memory, everyone needs to be vigilant in taking care of their central nervous system, particularly the brain. Once the brain is disrupted by external and internal factors, the memory might experience irreversible damage.

Taking care of the brain might be easy if people are following a healthy diet that includes fish and vegetables. These food varieties supply the necessary nourishment needed by the brain. Vitamin pills can also provide nutrition if people do not have the time to prepare healthy food or they have the aversion for raw and leafy dishes. Another option is taking memory-enhancing drugs that could positively affect the genera cognition, not just the memory.

Memory-enhancing drugs are commonly called Nootropics. This type of dietary supplements is effective in improving cognitive functions such as memory, learning, thinking and focus. Students and working professionals are commonly the target market for memory-enhancing drugs because they need the added memory boost to tackle their daily workload such as examinations, business presentations, research papers and brainstorming. The elderly also take memory-enhancing drugs because they might be experiencing amnesiac episodes or chronic forgetfulness. Old age might render the brain weak and vulnerable to toxins that might cause irreversible damage such as the development of Neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Memory- enhancing drugs could help in slowing the development of age-associated brain disorders. Some of the memory enhancers available in the market today are Modafinil, Donepezil, Memantine and Galantamine HBr.

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