Mask For Deep Cleansing Of The Face: Home Recipes

If the facial skin is prone to fat, there are enlarged pores, to make it more even and matte will help the mask for deep cleansing. If you regularly apply such a tool, the result will not take long. The main thing is to choose the right recipe for your skin type.

How to use a mask for deep cleansing of the face?

Clogged pores cannot be cleaned by simply applying a mask – you remove only the top layer, leaving the bulk of the contaminants inside. To get the result, the skin needs to be prepared first.

In order for the masks to be effective, procedures should be performed in the following order:

  • Wash and decrease the skin with lotion;
  • To steam his face over a steam bath;
  • Use peeling or scrub to remove dead cells;
  • Dry the skin and apply a mask to it;
  • Maintain the mask for up to 20 minutes, preferably in a lying position;
  • Remove the mask with a damp cloth and wash with warm water;
  • Apply a nutrient;
  • Wash it off and wipe your face with a toner.

If all the procedures are done correctly, the pores will narrow significantly, and the skin will clear not only on the surface, more oxygen will enter the cells and your face will become healthier. Find out more about narrowing pores

Mask for deep skin cleansing

At home, it is convenient to use mask-films. They are deeply cleansed, but they cannot be used for dry skin with increased sensitivity if there are lesions, tumors and close to the surface of the face vessels.

Such masks can be prepared on the basis of the following ingredients:

  • Gelatin and milk: The same number of these components are heated in a water bath, stir and leave to cool. After that, add the egg white. Apply to the whole face;
  • Gelatin, milk and activated charcoal: In a mixture consisting of 1 tsp. gelatin and 1 tsp. milk is added one crushed coal pellet, mixed and heated. Apply in a warm form on the areas of the nose and chin;
  • Egg and lemon: The egg whites are beaten and mixed with 1 Tsp. lemon juice, evenly distributes the mixture over the face, wait for drying and then apply another layer of mask.

Such means are kept for no longer than 20 minutes, are superimposed by fingers and removed in the direction upwards from the chin.

You can use the soda mask: mix the soda with water in equal proportions until you get a medium-thick mass, soak it for 10 minutes on the face. All these masks for deep cleansing of the facial skin, according to reviews, are effective and easy to prepare.

Remember that these masks should be used regularly, but do not get too carried away by them. Fatty skin needs to be treated 2 times a week, normal type – 1 time, and dry – once in 2 weeks. Keep reading

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