Make Your Exhibition Stand the Best

Exhibitions are a great way to enhance your customer base and increase brand awareness. Almost anyone can hire an exhibition stand, but not every company is able to make a success of it.

Beating the competition means making sure your stand is unique and attractive to your desired customer base. Here are some tips for achieving this goal:

Rent Equipment

If you require the latest IT for your stand design, but your budget doesn’t stretch to buying it outright, why not consider renting it for the duration the conference.

Visual Impact

Design should be simple, but making your stand look different and exciting is essential. At larger events it is unlikely attendees will have time to visit every stand, so make yours enticing and memorable. contact Smartxs for information on the Optrafair exhibition and Optrafair exhibition stalls.


Yes it’s a cliche, but it does work. People are more likely to remember your company and the products or services you provide if they are given something to take away with them. This might be something related to your brand or something they can use regularly, such as pens, a hand sanitiser key ring or a mini torch. There are many different types of giveaway products to chose from – try to be different!

Once you have encouraged visitors to step onto your stand, why not offer them something others are not. Some light relief is often much needed in the hustle and bustle of large conference halls. What can you offer? How about a manicure, a seat in a massage chair or a magician? People will invariable stick around your stand longer, giving you more time to talk to them and allowing them to take in your brand without feeling rushed or given the hard sell.

Also think about what else you can offer your visitors if you are talking to them for longer than a few minutes. Will you need somewhere for them to sit? How about having the facilities to offer them a cup of coffee and a light snack? Again, this not only allows them to take a break from walking around a busy exhibition, it also allows you time to talk to them about what you have to offer and to listen to them about their needs.

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