Maintaining your guttering

Is your mind in the gutter? Well, it should if you want to have a house that is in good condition. Rainwater is a natural occurrence that can cause considerable problems for a house if it is not controlled by rain drains that are installed and maintained properly. There are many misconceptions about sewers and as a result there are many mistakes made by homeowners. In some cases, this error causes damage rather than prevents it.

Here’s why your downpipes are so important:

To keep the land around the house stable

Issues with the foundation can be avoided

Flooding beneath the house and in the basement can be avoided

Avoiding erosion to help maintain the landscape and grass

Damage to walls from water can be eliminated

Water staining on bricks and stones can be prevented

Settling and cracking the sidewalk, patio and driveway can be reduced

Exterior doors and garage top doors can be maintained

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The only downside to guttering is it needs effort. Homeowners must stay on guard for keeping gutters clean and orderly. You are probably guilty of not cleaning the guttering often enough for starters. If you wait until it is full of leaves and if you scoop up the soil from the gutters, you wait too long. If you have weeds and grass growing in the gutters, you might have caused damage. However, gutters are not intended for gardening. Here are the problems that cause clogged gutters:

Water damage occurs which can cause damage to the roof

Water can leak into the house and cause damage to flooring and the walls

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The frequency of gutter cleaning depends on your home. Determinants include the closeness of any trees to the roof line, the type of tree (deciduous vs. green), and the slope of the roof. Low sloping roofs can require more frequent cleaning. Take care of all your pipes with Pipe Protectors from

Homes that have trees located ten feet or less from the roof line, gutters must be cleaned at least two times yearly. Often, gutters might need to be cleaned just a few times during the autumn. Don’t believe the myth that houses without trees don’t need gutter cleaning. Downpipe cleaning may still be needed, especially in homes with asphalt shingles. As time goes on, shingles lose their small stones and these granules make their way to the gutter.

Correct Installation

Most houses with gutters do not have a complete system or are properly installed. A properly installed gutter system will include a smooth gutter on each sloped roof edge. Ditches must not hold puddles, not leak, must be firmly attached to the fascia, and should have downspouts that are firmly fastened to the outside of the house.

Finally, downspouts don’t have to stop close to the foundation. This is a common mistake made by the installer and homeowner. What is the point of having a complete sewer system that removes all the water from the roof beside the foundation? What is needed is a diversion of at least three feet from the foundation. In many cases a flexible piece of black plastic pipe can be used, or a downspout section can be mounted at the end of the elbow.


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