M, the personal assistant of Facebook

M will be integrated into the implementation of “chat” and not just answer questions as the other participants in the market, but materialize actions that users can not perform, such as buying a product or make reservations for a restaurant or hotel.

If Apple has Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Internet giant Google Now; why Facebook might not have your own virtual assistant. If you have large, Facebook also. And if it’s hot, it’s best to include it and improved it already exists in the market version.

Yes, the social network already has its own “Siri”. It is called M and has come to stay. Not a assists as Apple, Microsoft or Google, M is different. For starters, s or operation it is based on text and not in voice and other services. With M any questions remain unanswered, as well as artificial intelligence, the wizard will also include human supervisor. If the system can not do something on their own, human assistants intervene to finalize the process.

As I repeat, M is not like the services we already know. This wizard can specify tasks that we can not (or do not want) to do ourselves, like buying a product online, buy travel tickets or make reservations at a restaurant.

Unlike other artificial intelligence services in the market, Facebook M can do some tasks for you. You can buy items, get and send gifts to your loved ones, make restaurant reservations, travel, dating and much more . ” He explained in his Facebook account David Marcus, head of the new service on the network.

The service has not yet been released publicly but is known to be free and that the tests be conducted in private beta in San Francisco. After being officially presented, M come integrated into the Facebook messaging application. If the application is unsuccessful, the assets of the social network would go up, because as you can see, everything is focused on buy and sell; something that is not surprising since M is responsible for nothing less and nothing more than Paypal .

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