How to know which stove to choose for your home?

As soon as the temperatures begin to fall, we look for shelter from home to keep us safe in the cold, wind and rain, not to mention more extreme conditions. The stoves are still one of the best allies in these times, although it is not always easy to get the right one. There are several types and it is convenient to know them all to make sure that we make the right purchase.

Electric Stoves

They are the most balanced and safe model since they do not emit smoke or gases. It is also the most economical stove we will find. They are designed to heat closed spaces and of a reduced size, like a single room (the bedroom or the bathroom, for example). Its operation is constant and it is not necessary to leave them operational throughout the day to heat up the environment, they can do it in a relatively short time since we start them up.

Something really useful, since they work with electricity and its impact on the electricity bill can be considerable. Within this category, we can differentiate several models, such as:

  • Thermo-fans (which emit hot air)
  • The oil-electric (radiators), with prices, brands and ranges very varied.

Halogen stoves

They take relatively little time in the market and are one of the cheapest options that exist. They work with a gas that is located inside your lamp and that emits a heat that passes through the air and reaches us when we get very close.

The radiation it emits is minimal and harmless. They are especially useful when we are near, so they are designed for closed and small spaces. Its heating is almost instantaneous; being able to be used only during the time that we spend next to them, something really useful since its energetic cost (and therefore, its cost) is usually quite high.

Paraffin stove

Although there are many types, sizes and prices, are designed for large spaces and also, its operation allows heating the place where they are quick. Within this denomination, at the same time there are two types of stoves:

  • electronic paraffin
  • wick paraffin

The electronic paraffin stoves consume little and are more powerful (although also more expensive). They can even be programmed, such as air conditioning equipment, to determine how long we want them to work, or during which hours they have to be operational. They need to be connected to the electrical network to work.

In the case of wick paraffin stoves, they are designed for open spaces or with good ventilation. They are lit with a wick and their autonomy can last up to 15 hours. They warm up from the moment they start to work.

Pellet stove

A clean and economical model, manufactured with vegetal and renewable residues. They are more expensive start, but in terms of monthly costs and maintenance are the most affordable of all. If you need more information about the pellet stove … And finally comment that they have a very high range of action, from medium-sized rooms to large rooms.

Gas stove

They are perfect for large spaces, such as the living room, with an approximate range of 40 meters. They are not very expensive, with really affordable models available, although they are more expensive than electric models. It is not necessary that they are placed in ventilated rooms since what they consume is the air in the house itself.

It is advisable to review what economic cost they assume monthly, although as a general rule, butane gas is more affordable than electricity. Even so, they heat much more than the previous ones.

Wood Stove

They depend on the wood that is used and the regulation of each country. They are very similar to chimneys; in fact, some are created with decorations that mimic them. Some models have filters to retain the smoke, while others expel it directly outside the home. For luxury and stylish look you can also try glass hearths its ideal for wood burning stoves.

However, in the long term, they are more economical since their consumption is much less expensive. They work well in medium-sized spaces or large houses, although they have a high cost (several times higher than that of an electric heater). They require to be cleaned with some assiduity and to control their combustion. Finally, if you want to see a comparison of several stoves we leave this site hearths for stoves.

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